Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What the ... stripping morons 2?!?!?

My last comment in the stripping morons post, about the lack of Korean media coverage, got me to start searching the web to see what I could find about the idiots and their actions. Except for Korea Sentry and Waygook.org I found ... nothing.

I couldn't find anything on Dave's ESL Cafe. Mind you, unless something is on the first coup-le of pages of posts you may as well forget about finding it. The search utility there is a piece of shit.

The Korea Sentry thread was started last Thursday. As was the Waygoo.org thread. But nothing in any of the Korean "media outlets? That strikes me as strange.

While I can EASILY believe there are idiots out there who would do this (strip at a baseball game) I find it hard to believe the Korean "news" hasn't picked up this ball and run with it yet.

Someone on Waygook.org said that according to Marmot's Hole the picture is 2 years old. I haven't found anything to corroborate that but if true it could explain the lack of "media" attention.

I found Marmot's post about it .... from last week not 2 years ago. Someone did claim in the comment section that the photo was from 2 years ago, but that doesn't necessarily make it so. Then it changed to 1 year ago with a link to site that a blurry picture that could have been the same ass hats.

Whether it was a week, a year, or a decade ago the photo is making the rounds now and will be used in conjunction with the latest fuckery by the subway 'tards to attack all foreigners.

Also, to digress a little, you find out in the comment section that even IF the search engine on Dave's worked you wouldn't find any mention of this incident. According to one commenter any thread that mentions the incident was being deleted by the mods on Dave's.

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