Saturday, May 21, 2011

What the ... violent crime?!?!?

A big tip of the hat to Korea Beat for reproducing the original Korean article from the Chosun Ilbo. The part that made me laugh yet wonder what the kimchi was going on was;

The violent crimes division of the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office announced on the 19th that it had arrested without dentention 33-year old Mr. M, the son of a former Israeli ambassador to Korea, on charges of smoking marijuana.

Mr. M is accused of smoking marijuana near a nightcub for foreigners that he operates in Itaewon at approximately 1 am on the 28th of last month after receiving 0.5 grams of it from another foreigner.

Really? That is it? He was smoking a joint near a nightclub that he runs? Yes Mr. Apologist and friends, I know Korea has a 0 tolerance policy towards any drug use and when in Korea I respected that. However, smoking a joint is a violent crime? THAT is pretty fucked up.

I can see it being dealt with by a myriad of departments. Organized Crime. Drug Crime. hell, even Foreigner Crime. But the Violent Crimes Division? That is some serious overkill.


  1. You no understand white devil foreign. You no understand Korean culture. You must racy bastard. Koreans no smoke dope. Tar baby come in and him smoke make marihuana. He used violins on him. Korea no use violins. We peace loved, unless it is japan people. Japan people bad very.


  2. Oh my god, and he even received "0.5 grams of it from another foreigner." HOLY SHIT, THAT AMOUNT OF WEED?!?!? I'm surprised they didn't bust him for intention to sell!

    Labeling this kind of nonsense "violent crime" really does true violent crimes a disservice. I respect any country that has a zero-tolerance policy, but don't respect that this is a "violent crime" baloney.

  3. Well said Eve. It just makes the law/system look like a joke. A hyper over-reactive joke.