Friday, October 15, 2010

What the ... cheaters?

I read an interesting post on Prestige Korea about dating. The blogger talked about some of the women he dated in the past.

It got me thinking about some of the ones I dated. There was a common theme to some of mine, they all had Korean boy friends at the same time and they lied about it. To me that is a big no-no. It seemed to be a very common thing for Korean women to do, especially if their boy friend was doing his military service.

I had a girl friend who cheated on me before and I never wanted to be THAT person. It is a relationship ender for me. I just couldn't trust someone who cheated on me not to do it again. Nor am I stupid enough to believe that they wouldn't do it again.

I had heard other foreign guys saying that "we don't count" to Korean women but never put a lot of stock in it. Then an ex, when we were breaking up, flat out said it. She told me that I am a foreigner so I don't count. I can't be her boyfriend. Don't count for what I am not sure, she was no virgin.

Having that happen to me a few times and seeing it happen with friends made me a lot less trusting of Korean women. Kind of the way we don't count in their society affects the way I see Korean society.



    Holy crap! Read the whole article about this nutcase.

  2. Yeah ... it he is one messed up piece of shit, Makes me wish we had the death penalty in Canada.