Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Blog bites the dust.

Hat Tip to Superfantabulous for reporting it first ... An Idiot's Tale is gone.

Yesterday, in a post no longer accessible he said;

"Recently, I received a threat from a Korean netzien claiming that he and his buddies are going to track me down and run my name through the mud because they don't like *An Idiot's Tale*. "

I don't know what came after it because the Blogger: Dashboard only shows a snippet of the post and the site is now locked down.

Lousy Korea, which I have to admit did have racist tendencies but was fun to read, went down because of death threats against herself and others they thought were her. Koreans and thinking ... an unusual combination. Odds are it was Koreans and drinking.

Korean Rum Diary shut down because of these Korean Kimchi Kommandoes. He decided it wasn't worth the aggravation.

Superfantabulous almost shut down. She stopped using the term roundheads to refer to Koreans so they decided to leave her alone. Now she is out of the Land of Confusion.

Now, An Idiot's Tale is gone.

It is kind of sad how eager these assholes are to go after people who criticize Korea, even when they are right, yet they do nothing about the problems in Korea. (And threatening people doesn't solve the problem.) They will perpetuate the attacks on foreigners when it is their own people who are actually raping kids in Korea, raping or molesting students in Korea, spreading aids in Korea, beating students in Korea, threatening to kill people because Korea loses at a sport, and the like. You know, the stuff they blame others for doing. And then they wonder why many people see them as a bunch of backwards ass country fucks.

*** UPDATE 29 October 2010 ***

An idiot's Tale is back up. According to Mr. Wonderful he turned the blog back on for shits and giggles. Which might make you wonder if that was the real reason he shut it off.


  1. Only because you are out of the Land of Confusion. ;)

  2. Eh the guy also said that he was getting a new job at an international school. If I were him, I'd be more afraid of blowing an opportunity like that than Kimchi Komandos. He said on his blog that he was getting a job at an international school and that his kid would get free tuition. Since there aren't very many international schools in Korea, it would be easier for someone to figure out who he is. (A lot of International schools post the names and pictures of their faculties on their websites)

    The threat doesn't necessarily have to come from Koreans, but more from the fact that the guy wouldn't want to be associated with his blog.

    People in the states get fired for having offensive blogs as well...his blog wasn't offensive when read as a whole, but his new students will probably be literate in English. Imagine what would happen when their parents read about the "Korean economy being a cunt hair away from disaster." Or seeing polls about weather or not other bloggers in Korea are cherry boys, or if "Joey Kimchi Dick, by Jupiter's cock is the skid mark king."

    Also think of the nature of most international schools in Korea, they are mostly Christian. International schools also have relatively small enrollment - maybe 50 students k-12, if his identity gets out he looses his job, and he knows that. He said he has taught in the states before, so he knows how fickle American, or "foreign" parents can be when it comes to publishing profanity. So I see canceling his blog as much less a cave to Korean people, than a move to protect his future prospects.

  3. 3gyupsal your point is devilishly logical and makes sense.

  4. It's also logical to take the guy at his word and think the reason he quit blogging was for the reason he said it was - ie Kimchi Keyboard Kunts.

  5. Too much logic ... shutting ... brain ... down. ;)

    It is hard to know exactly what the reason why. He said it was for one reason ... but what you said could be true as well. or a combination.

    I went with what he said.

  6. It's all part of my evil plan to be the only blog with swear words left here! I shall win! Soon they shall all call ME Stallion! Mwah ha ha ha!

    Seriously though...I get the feeling that it's more to do with the new jo than anything else. He's been threatened by Netizens before...loads of times. He would just mock them and move on.

  7. Oh Stallion my Stallion .... I mean what the kimchi?!?!?

    Based on what Mr. Wonderful said in his latest post, after reopening the blog, about turning it back on for shits and giggles I have to wonder if that is the real reason why he shut it down. To get a rise out of people. If it was ... well played.

  8. I think the re-invention suggests that he has decided to play it straight from now on...not because of netizens (says I) but because of the new gig.

    Fair enough.

  9. Yeah ... that is probably it. I wonder if we should start a pool on how long he keeps up the new routine before lapsing back into the old? :)