Monday, October 25, 2010

Korea Times - Worst in the Nation

The Korea Times is keeping their status as a piece of shit paper alive, While they have moved their UFO reporting out of the Nation section of the paper and put it in the Special section that curious lack of quality and journalistic skill we have come to know and expect from them is going strong.

I searched the net for a while trying to find the article they stole this story from. I wasn't able to find one. Mind you that still doesn't mean that it wasn't lifted from another paper/site. It could just have easily been lifted, put through a translation program, and then "cleaned up a bit". South Korean students are good at doing that so it isn't far fetched to believe a "reporter" at the KT would do that.

As regular readers know the Korea Times has a history of stealing stories verbatim with no attribution. In the past these stories, usually about issues that have nothing to do with Korea, appeared in The Nation section of the rag.

Now we have yet another UFO article appear in the Korea Times. It comes with no attribution which would normally lead one to think it was written by a reporter smart enough not to want his name associated with it. However we are talking about the Korea Times here and smart is rarely an option.

There is an email address tagged at the bottom of the Korean translation of the article. I emailed and asked where the article was lifted from this time. I won't hold my breath waiting for a reply.

One thing is clear, it is time that the Korea Times changed their title. No longer should they claim to be First in the Nation they should acknowledge that they are Worst in the Nation. Unless of course by First in the Nation they mean first in shitty reporting.

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