Saturday, October 9, 2010

What the ... turnabout?!?!?

As with the Korea Times, I don't bother with the KKK site Korean Sentry much. In fact, I can't remember the last time I checked their site out. Since I had a few minutes to kill and had checked out any site worth checking I popped in there tonight.

As I read one of their recent threads the hypocrisy and stupidity of these morons made me laugh. The thread was not a laughing a matter, it was pretty disgusting. It was about a 5 year old girl being raped in a Chinese hospital by a 13 year old Korean boy. It was started, as are most threads there, by the mook called Consoleman who runs the site.

The FIRST thing he does is call the story questionable. Then he immediately starts to question the ethnicity of the 13 year rapist. Why does he question the story? Well that is where some of the hypocrisy and stupidity comes from.

First he doubts the veracity of the story because it comes from China. The story actually comes from Hong Kong which when it was pointed out caused Herr Consoleman to stammer and back track a little. Hong Kong news is more trustworthy than Chinese news.

BUT ... and this was particularly laugh worthy ... he then says in his bad English

" ... if there was any kind of news then won't have missed many Korean newspapers."

If it was REAL news it would have been in Korean newspapers? I don't know what Herr Consoleman smokes but if the Korean government finds out he can be arrested when he returns there! Because it didn't appear in the Korean papers it probably didn't happen? What a fucking moron!

The Korean media, especially the English language jokes that try to pawn themselves off as media, rarely if ever report Koreans acting badly in Korea let alone in other countries.

Does this lack of logic extend to any bad act done by a Korean that hasn't appeared in Korean papers? Was the the 19 year old Korean exchange student that molested a 6 and 4 year old in the US in 2008 mentioned in Korean papers? If it wasn't then based on Herr Consoleman's lack of logic that probably didn't happen.

It is kind of funny when he queries;

"Can anyone check the source for this story to confirm why the hell Korean boy was at that hospital at first place? "

Did you read the article that you posted a link to? It is a pediatric hospital. Why would he be at that hospital? It is a kid's hospital and 13 is still a kid. But hey since Herr Consoleman was too lazy to see if there was anything else on the story he wouldn't know that would he?

According to another story BOTH kids were there being examined for sexual abuse, for different cases. The story was also reported on several other web sites, some news related some not, as well as being reported by the Associated Press. But hey it wasn't in a Korean paper so it probably didn't happen. Just listen to Herr Consoleman and discount it.

Then Herr Consoleman compounds his hypocrisy by whinging about Chinese bloggers who are calling for the death penalty for the rapist. Dude, you ever read some of the shit that people have posted on your site? Some of the things you have written? Pot you are complaining about the kettle again!

What never fails to make me shake my head is the reaction of Koreans like Herr Consoleman to shit like this. Normal people would be disgusted that it happened and hope the guilty party was punished. They wouldn't be worrying about race and ethnicity. Look at the reaction of most foreigners to the video of that asshole beating up the old man in Itaewon. Most foreigners were disgusted by it.

When the Virginia Tech shooting happened no one except for Koreans dwelled on the fact the shooter was Korean. It was barely mentioned by the non-Korean media and was never a major part of the story. The focus of the media was on the fact someone with obvious mental problems, who had been reported as dangerous, still managed to get a gun and murder people. No one was howling for the heads of all Koreans (and you know that if an American had shot up a Korean University it would not be safe to be white in South Korea) or threatening them. The only ones even making stupid statements about things like that happening were ... Koreans.

(As an aside, it is kind of funny how quickly Koreans latch onto ethnic-Koreans who are famous but quickly divorce themselves of the infamous. Oh Hines Ward is Korean!!!! Oh VT shooter moved there when he was young and is not a real Korean. But I digress.)

Herr Consoleman is pretty much typical of the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes. Reactionary and nonsensical with an unhealthy dollop of racism thrown in.


  1. That's pretty disturbing. It is as you say though; more people would be concerned over the condition of the victim and the punishment towards the perpetrator, not the race of either party.

    I always wonder what makes people so aggressively nationalistic but I still can't find a satisfactory answer. For now though, I chalk it up to an inferiority complex.

  2. Bwadamon

    Inferiority complex hits it on the head. Speaking as a Canadian I can understand it, we tend to feel inferior to the US and act out on it in different ways. Usually by trying to find some little way to say we are better. Nothing gets Canadians nationalistic more than trying to prove they aren't Americans.

    Part if it is expecting everyone else to act the way they do. That is what I attribute the Korean reaction to the Virginia Tech shooting to. There was no reason to expect widespread retaliation against Koreans in America ... yet Koreans did. Because they know what would happen to foreigners in South Korea if the situation was reversed. Hell, the South Korean President APOLOGIZED for the shooting and talked about national shame! What the kimchi?!?!?

    But I have never seen anyone act out like Koreans and ethnic Koreans do. It is kind of scary to see the blind yet rabid nationalistic BS they spew out. I blame it on their conformity.

    As Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said when speaking to the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress in 1971;

    "There is no such thing as a model or ideal Canadian. What could be more absurd than the concept of an "all Canadian" boy or girl? A society which emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate."

  3. i cannot agree with u more
    i am a korean living in hong kong and i have not even heard of this story from any sort korean-hk media.
    i am completely disgusted

  4. It's kind of ironic. wWII era Japanese Nationalism IS the original source of today's Korean Nationalism. Some native-born Koreans like me know this. Most Koreans don't.