Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the ... UFO?!?!?!?

Once again the Korea Times is trying to prove just how crappy it is. When it isn't making up stories with fake data, printing racist cartoons and comments, or providing shoddy journalism it is stealing stories from other papers. Yes, the Korea Times is once again proving that plagarism is alive and strong in the ROK.

The latest is a story from 2008. Yes, they lifted a story from the Daily Mail and have printed it as if it is their own. They even lifted the graphics. A total steal.

The story? Of course it had nothing to do with Korea or even Asia. It is about a police helicopter in Cardiff having a close encounter with ... a U.F.O. And yes it is a story from 2008 not 2010. They went back 2 years to steal a story. Maybe they thought no one could find out?

The story is a condensed version of what appeared in the Daily Mail Online. Some comments were copied verbatim from the article. Plus, the graphic they used comes straight from the Daily Mail article with no attribution.

This isn't the first story, or even E.T. related story, the Korea Times has lifted from a foreign media source. We can at least say the Korea Times is consistent. Consistently a piece of crap.


  1. Thanks Burndog. I wish i could claim full credit but since I don't read the KT a friend mentioned it to me.

    What I found funny was how quickly the original article turned up when googling it. Much like the ET graveyard article the KT ripped off.

    Do they REALLY believe they are fooling anyone? Since they keep doing it I guess the answer is yes.