Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What the ... placebo?!?!?

I wasn't going to chime in on the subject of the Korean government deciding to not require HIV tests for "entertainers" while still require it for E-2 Visa holders, aka English teachers. What could I add that hasn't been said? Tharp42 said it best when he called them 'fuckwitts'. I might have dared the ire of the morons and said ricetards but other than that what else could be added?

Then I read this post on Extra! Korea about a 19 year old Korean girl (19 Western or Korean I don't know.) who had unprotected sex with 20 KOREAN men even though she KNEW she is HIV positive. Why unprotected sex? Because the men DID NOT want to use condoms! What the kimchi?

I can't recall how many times I have heard this about Korean men. They don't like to use condoms and will INSIST on not using them when asked. Whether by girls friends or hookers. I have heard it from men and women. Whether in Korea or on sex junkets to other countries. It still boggles my mind. (Mind you when you have Korean doctors saying kimchi prevents STD's you know where some of the stupidity is coming from.)

Then I read another post by Extra! Korea. It talked about a survery by the Women's Human Rights Commission of Korea that showed that nearly 1/3 of Korean teenagers (female) asked would consider exchanging sex for money.

“Wonjo kyoje” more commonly known in English as compensated dating is how most of these girls find their "John's". or should I say "Kim's"? The girls use the internet to find "clients", usually in chat rooms or internet dating sites. This is a problem in both Korea and Japan, and has been in the news off and on as long as I was in Korea.

Guess how the HIV positive girl mentioned above found her 20 "Kim's"? You got it, through these sites.

The Korean government will focus on E-2 Visa holders as being problem, perpetuating the vilification that is going on in the Korean "media", in the name of placating parents while the REAL problem goes ignored. How do we know it is meant as a placebo? Some fucktard from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology said;

"The continuation does not mean the government regards foreign teachers to be HIV positive or have the potential of transmission ― it is just intended to assure the parents."

We don't think the foreign teachers are a problem but we are doing it anyway to keep the parents happy? It isn't the foreign teachers that are cruising the internet picking up your daughters to fuck for money. It isn't the foreign teachers who are giving or contracting HIV from your daughters. It is KOREAN men! MinGuk please! Wake the fuck up!

Somehow Tharp42 saying "Can Kim Jong-il just go ahead and nuke this place once and for all?" doesn't seem as harsh as it first did.


  1. I wrote a haiku that sums it up

    Korean house wives,
    E2s aren't all bad, surprise
    AIDS comes from your man