Friday, October 1, 2010

Year 2 - Doctor Doctor

Another old email I found. I remember how frustrating it was to deal with the doctors. My first year I didn't deal with them, mainly because my insurance was fly by night with no card.

Ivy School was over a clinic and my new fly by night insurance company didn't have a card but I had a boss that would send them my receipts.



Well, I ended up coming off the Oriental medicine and going back on Western. After taking the new stuff for 2 weeks I hadn't improved, and then I had another bad bout. It was a sinus infection. Again. I knew it 3 months ago, and I knew it then.

So this time I went to the "regular" doctor and told him what was going to happen. a) I have a sinus infection. b) My doctor in Canada gives me 3 weeks of meds (antibiotics) and if it is bothering me in 2 weeks I see him again. If not I keep taking the meds until they are gone. None of this here is 3 days worth and come back or not telling you anything else shit. c) He was going to do something similar.

So then he tells me, surprise surprise, I have a sinus infection and should be on constant meds for 2-3 weeks. He gave me a weeks worth, and I went back every week for 3 weeks. The meds have been working, slowly since the infection had 3 months to entrench itself, but I am finally feeling normal.

Because of the infection I haven't done a hell of a lot except stay home, read, watch movies, and veg out. I haven't even been on the computer much either.

I have read about the snow storm hitting the east coast. As strange as it sounds to say I miss that weather.

Take care


It still boggles the mind that I had to fight and argue just to get more than 3 days meds. Of course you know why the doctors want you back every 3 days. They get more money from the insurance companies.

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