Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mook of the Week

Here is another tribute to Delivery Mooks.

They really do exemplify a good part of what makes a mook a mook. A complete disregard for others. They park where they want, when they want, regardless of how it may inconvenience others. Even when there are better spots to park that won't block things, or at least won't block them as much, they still take the path or most resistance.

This mook was making a delivery to a bar by the benches where Stig and I often had after dinner cigars and drinks. It is a very busy 2 lane street. Thanks to people parking wherever they want it often seems like a one lane street.

Along comes this delivery mook. He sort of double parks, blocks both lanes of traffic getting out and mooking about his truck. He actually spent more time mooking about his truck than in making his delivery. At first he blocked traffic getting shit out. He LEFT the door to the refrigerated trailer OPEN while he went in!

Then after making the delivery he fucked around the side of his truck again for a while before leaving.

Needless to say there was more than a bit of horn blowing and posturing going on from the other mooks this mook inconvenienced.

Aish! Delivery mooks!!! Ah shepal!!!


  1. I'm in an International Muslim school in London and they behave just like Koreans. Crowd every entrance, ridiculous oversized sunnies and bright colours on the mothers. Quite the ajeosshi fashion going on too.
    Kids yap yap yap just like Koreans. Thankfully they don't grab each others nuts all the time, they just say each others dad looks like a terrorist.