Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2009

I was looking through some pictures from Christmas last year and came across Santa Klaus.

Stig and I had a great Christmas dinner at the rib place and were enjoying scotch and a Churchill on the benches across the street. The bar had someone dressed up as Santa. One of the friendliest Koreans I have ever met. He was handing out candy to kids, and women, passing by. His English wasn't that great but he got by.

It turns out he was the manager of the bar. The owner ended up coming up out. (I may have it backwards ... manager came out and owner in costumes. A little help Stig!) His English was great. We talked with them a bit and extended Christmas greetings.

It made for a nice interlude in a great evening.


  1. I didn't remember this guy until I saw these pics. Whether he was the owner or the manager is beyond my powers of recall.
    But the scotch and cigars were goooooood.