Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's your beef?

A Flint and Stig Production ... What's Your Beef?


  1. Haha, what the kimCHI?? The longer I stay in Korea the more I come to dislike Korean sheeple. I think I'm going somewhere else after this contract is up. Korea is NOT the best, I don't give a fying fluck what Korean sheeple tell me.

  2. Thanks Anonymous. :)

    I did have some good times in Korea and there were things I liked ... but there were things that drove me bat shit crazy too. In the end a person has to weigh the good and bad and see which there is more of.

    I could see going back under the right circumstances ... but it wouldn't be my 1st choice.

  3. Priceless! Did you do the one about working at a Hagwon?

  4. Sadly no. That one inspired Stig and I to try our hand with the animation program.