Friday, June 15, 2012

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about MBC and Foreigners.

"the truth is these foreign trouble makers should really think about their reputation because local Koreans are getting fed up with them"

Herr Consoleman, safely ensconced in Australia had that to say about the "report" MBC showed. Because living and working in Australia makes him an authority on what local Koreans back in der Fatherland think. He also considers himself an authority on America as well. Later in the thread he posted a couple of pics of drunk (white) foreigners. One is staggering around and the other is passed out on the street. Then he says :

"Americans are hypocrites - they don't behaves like this in America but behaves like idiots when they come to Korea."

Really Herr Consoleman? You REALLY don't think that Americans act like that in America? Canadians in Canada? Mexicans in Mexico? Native-of-Country-of-Choice in Home-Country? I didn't think it was possible but you are more of a moron than I thought you are.

Also, I really have to wonder about the efficacy of the Australian education system if Herr Consoleman, who was educated there, still believes the party line from Korea that all whites are American. You would think  someone who has lived a large portion of his life in Australia would know better. 


  1. Herr KKKonsoleman and reality are as black is to white.
    What a fucking mook.

  2. This is more Korean bullshit. The smarter Japanese let their foreign citizens become permanent residents in 3 to 5 years so they have an incentive to actually care about their reputations and the long term health of Japan. Koreans encourages foreigners to treat their country like a rental car because in every way possible they make your life harder than it needs to be.

  3. I hadn't thought of that BC. They really don't give foreigners much incentive.