Monday, June 18, 2012

Korea Times Strikes Out Again!

'Dead kid died again after asking for some water'

Dead toddler woke up and said before lying lifeless at his coffin once again during funeral.

Kelvin Santos, 2, was dead due to complications from bronchial pneumonia at a hospital in Para, Brazil, June 1, according to local media reports. 

The next day, the boy suddenly woke up in the coffin and asked his father for some water. “I thought my son revived as a miracle,” said Antonio Santos, the boy's father.

But, the happiness was a moment. Kelvin passed away after drinking a cup of water. The family incidentally moved him to a local hospital, but the kid was completely pronounced dead because there are no signs of life. Miracle didn’t occur though his family expected Kelvin woke up once again. 

“Doctors didn’t thoroughly examine my son,” his father said. “It was definitely medical malpractice so I will make the hospital take legal responsibility.”

However, “Kelvin was already pronounced dead from heart attack in a hospital,” said a police officer.

Wow. What horrible English. What a short report lacking information. Where the hell would you start tearing it apart? The poorly written title? The first sentence which is pretty bad? Overall, a short and badly written article. 

The story is about  what happened to a boy in Brazil. Read the Korea Times article again and then go and read this one.

No wonder there is no "reporters" name attached to the article. Who the hell would want to be associated with such a shitty report? Evidently, no one working for Korea Times, Worst in the Nation. 


  1. I guess stories about UFOs are in short supply?
    Maybe they're trying to get in on the "Zombie Apocalypse" craze?
    But that is pretty crappy writing.

  2. Maybe a zombie wrote? No, not enough "Uhhhnnnnn".