Thursday, June 14, 2012

What the ... KS BS?!?!?

No racist bullshit out of Korea would be complete without the KKKunts at Korea Sentry chiming in. Are they worried about the varacity of the "report"? About alleged "damage" to Korean women? Of course not, they are racist whack jobs after all. They are worried about the children, but not in the way normal people would be. (Plus we already know what they think about Korean women and IR dating/marriage.)

Jejuislander wrote:

"All half-breed children created by these type of casual sex ought to be deported back to the US, or some liberal lefty western nation."

Herr Consoleman, safely ensconced in Australia had this to say:

"the truth is these foreign trouble makers should really think about their reputation because local Koreans are getting fed up with them" 

Because living and working in Australia makes him an authority on what local Koreans back in der Fatherland think.

There was a rare glimpse of intelligence on Korea Sentry when redwhitedude posted the following in the thread:

"This is just silly stupid reporting on the part of MBC. They should have known better than to broadcast something like this."

I don't expect he will last long on Korea Sentry. Of course he was quickly shouted down by xcreaturex100:

"It's the truth that areas like Itaewon is infested with crimes and rapes. You haven't been there?"

Which begs a question for xcreaturex100, who is probably safely tucked away in his parents basement in suburbia USA. Have YOU actually been there?

What is Jejuislanders solution?

"I hope Korea forms some kind of Ggangpae group to hunt down these western pervs. Kind of like how Russia has skinhead groups that target stupid ass foreigners mistreating women in their own country."

Is that your final solution Jejuislander? Think that is harsh? One of these kkkunts, responding to Herr consoleman, ACTUALLY hopes there is a holocaust against the Chinese.

Damn these KKkunts just make it too easy to mock them. The thread runs 7 pages at the time I wrote this. It started sounding old and stale after the first page. I got bored with it by the 4th. Too many prime examples of the racist stuipidity of the kkkluckers at Korea Sentry to waste any more time. At least for now.

*** Update June 14th 2012  8:34PM AST You know these idiots are really the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many spin off threads that I can make from this. 


  1. I thought those idiots got shut down. Last thing I heard their website was offline. Shame...

  2. Unfortunately, they are back. And more fucktardic than ever.

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