Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Layover: Los Angeles

God Damn! I am watching The Layover: Los Angeles, the latest Anthony Bourdain show. He is in Korea Town being taught where to go by Roy Choi. (Korea Town LA has the LARGEST number of Koreans outside of Seoul.) They met at Ham Ji Park and my taste bud's memory started to go into overload.

The banchan looked good, but like Chef Choi said it isn't the same as being in Korea. The samkyubsal brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. But the kamjatang was a kick in the balls to remind me of something I miss. :(  I REALLY miss kamjatang.

He then went on to have chicknangmyoung. Now I never really got into nangmyoung. Something about the texture turned me off. But it tasted ok.

They even show pojangmachas and drink makkeolli!!! I am seriously missing Korea right now. Yeah, I admitted it. There are things I miss. :) The slurping, I didn't miss. ;)

I ate at a Korean restaurant in Halifax almost 2 years to the day I returned home. That will require another post. Anyway, I digress. Watch the show if you haven't. If you have, watch it again! ;)


  1. I miss the food, too. Especially the pork and seafood restaurants near your place. Gamjatang, bibimbap, and the ribs, of course.
    It goes without saying that I love the dong...
    I even miss the kimchi chigge and ramen.

  2. It hurt to watch the Korea Town part of that episode. The Korean restaurant I went to in Halifax is good but it isn't the same.