Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WSJ Commenters 2

The commenter known as NN really left herself open to ridicule.

2:23 am June 14, 2012
NN wrote:

I’m a Korean woman with a fluent English, 

Whoa! Stop right there! If she really believes her English is fluent she is living in a fantasy land. Just the 1st part of this sentence, let alone the rest of what she wrote, puts the lie to that.

but I think there are really ‘some’ Korean women who rather lacked proper communication skill, but wanted to take an advantage of ‘foreigners’ as well as some ‘foreign men’ (especially white) who try to take reflected advantages from those women and satisfy their fantasies about Asian women. I often felt that they are often deluded by this misunderstanding even if they knew it was wrong. On top of that as those foreigners are mostly short-term visitors, so two groups seem to take this as an ‘adventure’ or ‘escape’ rather a serious reality or commitment. However it is not well accepted here, Korea, where has really closed and narrow society with high moral standard.

Heh ... thanks for making me laugh. I can agree with the closed and narrow society but high moral standard? What the kimchi?!?!?!?

I do have several white-foreign acquaintances who married to Korean women and do not think all of them are the same as the below Korean man claimed. However it is still true that there are really lots of ‘scumbags’ here, too. They came here to find a job as a short term English teacher something but do not take their work seriously. Also they just have fun and leave soon when they enjoyed enough with some money. This is not bad at all and entirely their freedom, but the problem is that there are really some socially wrong and irresponsible people. I personally met some like this, but ‘they’ warned of me this and confessed they are doing some ‘rubbish’ jobs when they met some ‘easy’ Korean women. Personally I really could not get this, because some of them are fine as an acquaintance or coworker, but I think they still do so even if they know it is wrong.

Hmmm ... so she is saying that they are scumbags because they are white-foreigners, they come to work for a short term (a couple of years? a few years?), don't take their work seriously, want to have fun, and leave after making some money. Interesting definition of what makes a scumbag.

Or is it the ones who meet those criteria AND are socially wrong and irresponsible that are scumbags? And what the hell does socially wrong mean?

I think no matter wherever I go, I could find those people. If this happened between the same Korean people, or even American, this would not be such a big problem. However this could be serious because this is not just ‘personal issues’ but could be some ‘diplomatic issues’, too. Also it must be clear here is obviously Korea, not other countries. I think some foreigners should respect (precisely ‘aware”) of the difference before they come to here, rather than trying to apply their rules here.

Overall, she makes sense in places but her "fluent" English turns some of that into gibberish. Her last paragraph really wants to make sense but she just can't pull it off.

If NN hadn't started off by prattling about how fluent her English is I probably would have just ignored the shitty writing job she did. But she didn't.


  1. Her logic and her English is shitty. Korea does everything in its power to remind you that you are an outsider and you don't matter.Then these hypocrites get angry when you act like an outsider whose actions don't matter. Besides they have working prostitutes within a 10 minute walk in any direction but somehow foreign teachers are responsible for sexualizing and taking advantage of the otherwise upstanding Korean woman

  2. BC: As soon as I read her "high moral standard" comment I couldn't help but start laughing.

  3. Koreans have higher moral standards than white trash whoremongers like you two.

    1. I almost peed myself laughing at this one. Oh wait a couple of drops did come out.