Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shit Herr Consleman Says about Immigrants.

"Koreans have right to say "Go back to your country" to any foreigners specially these from North America."

Herr Consoleman wrote that nugget in response to a discussion about American racism towards Asians. Considering the fucktard has decided to settle in a foreign country, Australia, yet still spew out his racist bullshit one has to wonder how he would feel if Australians exercised a similar right and told him to go back to Korea? Or better yet, forced him to return to the Fatherland to live.


  1. As long as this fucking mook refuses to stop being a hypocrite, and live up to his ideals by returning to the mothership... er. Fatherland...I will not take him seriously.

  2. It is hard to take him seriously on a good day. Holy shit for someone who went to school in Australia his written English is horrible.