Saturday, July 7, 2012

WSJ Commenters 3

4:50 am June 8, 2012

Expat Hypocrisy wrote:

“South Korean media, as happens in other countries, tend to scapegoat, deride and criticize foreigners for a variety of reasons, some real but many exaggerated. English teachers, in particular, get an outsized heap of criticism from the South Korean media, owing in part to the fact that, as elsewhere, scary stories about children get lots of attention.”

In the same way that foreign bloggers “scapegoat, deride and criticize” Koreans? I have a problem with this criticism especially when it comes from expat bloggers who have no qualms about disrespecting their host country. I don’t believe anyone should be scapegoated, but work on your own house first before criticizing others.

Ah yes, the old "don't disrespect your host country" line. A favourite of apologists second only to the "it happens in your country" excuse. Which the fucktard manages to cram into his last sentence.

I love it when they try to equate complaining about poor treatment with showing disrespect to your host country. It is just so bat shit.

Why the wouldn't people complain when they are treated badly ANYWHERE? Especially when they are actually living and working in the country in question! Paying taxes. Contributing to the economy. It is happening to them where they are living and working NOT in their home country so of course it would is relevant.

When people encounter racist behaviour anywhere they should speak out. I complained about the stupidity I encountered in South Korea and on my other blog I complain about the stupidity I encounter at home in Canada, and anywhere else I encounter it. 

What a fucking moron.


  1. Apologists are still apologizing...

  2. and always will :)

    Just like Anonyjohn will keep on being a troll. More on that in a later post. ;)