Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What the ... excuse?!?!?

I was reading an article David Wills wrote in Busan Haps and the subsequent comments from readers. A couple stuck out, especially one by a person going by the name AnESLteacher.

It's a good article.

I agree... every time a foreigner screws up, it sets all of us back. It's a normal reaction. It happens everywhere. 

We must also always show respect to the locals, we are guest here.  Even to the @$$hole ajoshis.

I do believe that things are changing, with every year fewer and fewer people point at me.

And with time, once all these kids that we are presently teaching grow up, racism will become less of a problem.

An interesting comment. There is some truth to it but part of it left me shaking my head. 

It's a normal reaction. It happens everywhere. 

Really? If that is true, that people react that way every where, why was there no outcry against Koreans in America over the Virginia Tech shooting? From what I have seen the over reaction to the deeds of a few foreigners gets blown up more in Korea than in the US or Canada. A lot more.

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