Sunday, July 8, 2012

AnonyJohn ... alive and trolling.

I don't feel like spamming up David's blog with comments about or to John so I figured I would write about it here instead. John, aka AnonyJohn aka Johnny Boy aka What a Fucktard, still trolls around David's blog.

When David wrote about Creationist Corea John had to chime in. (It still feels strange to call him David and not KRD.)

john / June 16, 2012

I see Flint still likes following me.

Mental problem? Yikes. I bet the two of you get all uppity and upset when theists “unfairly” judge atheists. Yet, here you are disrespecting billions of people based on their beliefs.

The true pointlessness is in the fact that atheists like you are absolute hypocrites. It’s sad that you cry about the disrespect you “suffered” from Christians (although I imagine no Christian has ever gone to you and treated you badly for your beliefs), but can’t care to respect others.

Everyone things they’re smarter than the other, and you’re no different. You’re still an immature child.

I had thought about just ignoring him and not feeding the troll. But ... I was bored. :)

Flint / June 20, 2012

What to do? What to do? Feed the troll or not? Engage the zealot or not? Oh what the hell, I am bored right now and have a few minutes to kill.

Anonyjohn there you go again making assumptions. Who ever said I was an atheist?

And where exactly in my 8 word comment did I say you had mental problems? Or is it just your poor writing style showing through again? I remember past comments where you would start off talking about a couple of people. Then when called on it you would say “I wasn’t talking about you.”

See the mention of John's poor writing style? Did I call it or what? He actually tried to use the old "I wasn't talking about you excuse." again. He is sadly predictable.

Some things to keep in mind. The OP was written by David. The 1st comment was mine. The second David's. Then JohnnyBoy made the above comment. So, before John there were only two people who commented. In John's 3rd sentence he talks about "the two of you". Which anyone would think was directed at David and I. Anyone except John in his latest comment.

john / July 4, 2012

Notice how I refer to David in the second person “you,” while I refer to you, Flint, in the third person? That post wasn’t addressed to you. I know David is an atheist. In my post, I never called you as an atheist. Read it again.

Also, David calls religion a mental problem in his “article.”

Finally, if you’re not a creationist, based on your earlier post, then you are probably atheist. The way you word it also indicates that you’re probably not agnostic.

I see John is still trying to change reality to suit his narrative. Before he even suggested that I read what he posted again I had. I read it a couple of times. You have to when John writes because his style is lacking and the bat shit is strong. Every time I read it I saw the same thing. A comment aimed at me followed by something aimed at "the two of you" not a single "you" like Johnny claimed. He did use that form of "you" in his third paragraph. I guess he is the one who needs to go back and read what he wrote again. Or he could just keep denying reality like he usually does.

You have to love his attempts at logic. They are good for a laugh. He never said  I am an atheist but if you aren't a creationist you are probably an atheist. Which would mean he is now basically saying I am an atheist. David called creationism a mental problem. Using John's twisted logic that equates to calling religion a mental problem. Wow. What leaps. What an ... AnonyJohn.


  1. That John has real problems. He's one of those people who (apparently) believe every word of the Bible as holy writ.
    Anyone like that shows a real lack of imagination and critical thinking. He must've got his education from a Cracker Jack box.

  2. I always got a laugh when he would talk about Korea. He would act as if he knew what it is like there now. According to him he hasn't lived in Korea for 20+ years. But his wife is Korean. Yet he tries to tell people what it is like there now. What a twat.

  3. You mad? Yes, you mad. And butt hurt.

    1. So many anonymouses ... anonymii??? ... all fixated on my ass. :)

    2. Really? That anonymous is gay? How can you tell? Birds of a feather?

    3. Why do you hate Stig so much you ignore him?!?!?

    4. Why do you hate Stig so much you ignore him?!?!?

  4. Why the hate for John? Maybe you really love him? Why not unban him and face him?

    1. Ummm ... never banned him. He "left" on his own accord. If it will make you feel better I can ban him so you are actually not talking shit. :)

  5. Why the fixation then?

  6. I believe I dealt with that in a previous post. I'll have to check and see. If I didn't maybe I will have to rectify that.

  7. Looks like I was wrong. Maybe I will have to whip a post together to answer your question. A synopsis of it would come down to 2 key things. 1) boredom 2) he is a fucktard.

  8. Replies
    1. How shall I fuck off oh lord?

    2. Why do you hate Stig so much you ignore him?!?!?