Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... that makes you laugh.

Don't patronize Koreans!
If you don't like what you see, get, hear and taste in Korea then GTFO of Korea!
Because that's what we'll do if we're in same situation.

From the mouth of Herr Consoleman. This KKKunt drones on about how great Der Fatherland is. How evil foreigners (non-Koreans) are. How he loves Der Fatherland. How impossible it is to meet "good" Korean women in Australia, and he ONLY wants a good Korean woman.

Yet he is still in Australia.

What a hypocrite and  fucktard.


  1. The very definition of a fucktard. If he ever actually goes to Korea, I hope I'm there to see it. Then he'll learn just how the people who live there really feel about foreigners.

  2. Koreans who've adjusted well to Western culture are also in for a fair amount of getting hated on when they come back to Korea. Thankfully for Herr Consoleman - judging by his bad English and bigoted ideas - that process seems incomplete in his case.

  3. You know he's only hiding in Australia until he's too old for military service. Pussy.

  4. Who is Herr Consoleman? I'm new to your site. Thanks.

  5. Durham Stevens;

    Yeah. They do get shit on. Although not as much as the Kyopos.

  6. 2 Anonymous back;

    He is probably theh only pussy that he will be servicing. ;)

  7. 1 Anonymous back;

    Where to start? Best to just do a search for him here. There are threads dedicated to his fucktardedness. ;)


  8. Stig;

    Sorry to address you last. I doubt he will go back to der Vaterland to live. He won't have the same opportunities.