Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What the ... K-Pop in the head?!?!?!?

Gangnam Style is played a few times a day at work. Some of my co-workers try singing parts of it, badly. One of them has taken to shouting "Gongnum Style baby!" (Yes, Gongnum not Gangnam.) at times. The frequency has lessened luckily.

This got some of us talking about K-pop. They wondered about some of the artists and music. G-Dragon pretending to do fellatio was a hit with them. As was "Hyorish".  Bo Peep had them chuckling. Damn me for thinking of it.

Since then I have had that stupid song stuck in my head. :( I am considering drastic meausres to try and get rid of the song in my head. Christmas Carols.


  1. Yeah, even I have heard of it. I thought the video was amusing.
    The only reason I can think of to watch K-Pop videos is to shamelessly ogle the women. I turn the sound down so it doesn't irritate my sensitive ears. Then it's just a matter of keeping one hand on the controls.

  2. K-Pop is great! Girls Generation rules!!!

    1. To quote Snoop Dog ...

      They got biscuits but no gravy.