Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What the ... Q&A?!?!?!?

I was at work the other day dealing with a customer from Korea. One of my co-workers pointed out to her that I lived in South Korea. (I don't usually mention it because I know the kind of stupidity that can follow.) She immediately started going about how I must miss Korea because Koreans are so kind. Korean food is the healthiest. Blah blah fucking blah.

It reminded me of so much of the propagandist BS that Koreans spouted while I was living there. Korea is the greatest. Kimchi cures all. I bit my tongue because I was at work. 

While I did encounter good (kind) Koreans while living there, I encountered a LOT more rude and obnoxious Koreans. Koreans who believed in fucktardery such as kimchi cures all.

Today I was perusing David Wills blog catching up on posts and comments. I read some of the comments on one post and it caused me to go back and reread the entire post. Part of what he wrote REALLY resonated with me in light of the customer I had dealt with.

Don’t tell the truth. Don’t speak your mind.

Unfortunately, when a Korean is asking you what you think about Korea they don't want the truth. Much like the customer I dealt with didn't really want to hear what I thought about Korea. She wanted to tell me what I thought. If you give them an honest answer that doesn't say Korea is great it won't go over well.


  1. korea is greatest u suck

  2. eh? I am confused.

    Are you alleging that I sucked some guy named Korea?

    Or are you suggesting Korea is the greatest at sucking?