Sunday, September 9, 2012

Responding to comments 2: Why the hate?

This post is a response to 2 questions, maybe from the same anonymous person maybe not, in the thread Anonyjohn ... Alive and Trolling.

Anonymous August 27, 2012 5:38 PM
Why the hate for John? Maybe you really love him? Why not unban him and face him?

Hate is a pretty strong word. I wouldn't say I hate AnonyJohn. Dislike, yes. Also, as I mentioned in the comment section John has never been banned from commenting here.

Why do I dislike John? Partly because he is a troll. Partly because he is an ass. Partly because he tries to deny reality and twist things to fit his narrative. Any one of those things would make me dislike someone. AnonyJohn exhibits all those traits and then some.

Also, it is hard to take someone like John seriously when he tries to set people straight on life in South Korea. Yes, John did live there but by his own admission that was over twenty years ago. Yet he tries to diminish the experiences of people who live there NOW based on his "knowledge" of life there.

Think of it this way, I lived in Buffalo, New York in the mid 1990's. Let's say it was 18 years ago. Would I REALLY know what life is like living there now? Of course not. I could talk about what it was like then. I could say "When I was there 18 years ago ...". But I would be an idiot if I tried acting as an authority of what life is like there NOW.

Add to that the fact that John is a gobshyte. He talks shit. Some of the stuff he says is so out there that all you can do is shake your head, shrug your shoulders, and wonder how he functions in reality. The guy has admitted to trolling and then got upset at being called a troll. He is a fucktard. Here are some examples.

"I’ve never taken your words or the words of others out of context."

Yet, he has. Hell I doubt anyone can seriously claim they haven't done it. Maybe not deliberately, but we have all done it.

"I have been sharp with my words before, sure, but this is a site that has posts titled - "Retarded Shit Koreans Do," and "Korean Bullshit."

Now he could have cherry picked some great thread titles to use as examples of me picking on Koreans. Instead he MADE ONE UP. There is NO thread titled "Retarded Shit Koreans Do". (To go along with Korean Bullshit there is also a Foreigner Bullshit thread for discussing the stupidity of Foreigners in SoKo. But that doesn't fit John's view that I only bitching about Korea. When reality does not fit his narrative AnonyJohn ignores it.

"Buddy, he calls me a Mook first in the post. He says "I'm trolling," because I make multiple attempts to get my point across, which is responded by these fools as "trolling" from the get go."

As mentioned earlier, Johnny Boy ADMITTED to his trolling on David Wills site. he also exhibits the traits of a troll, but gets upset when called a troll.

"Just because the KKKorean Sentry people use words like "subhuman" and you use more PC words doesn't mean you're any different from them."

He actually equates people calling for a holocaust against China with people who complain about rudeness and stupidity by calling those kinds people mooks and morons.

"Buddy, he calls me a Mook first in the post." 

He has whined about being called a mook, a moron, a fucktard, and a troll. His defence for calling people names is that they do it first. Yet he ignores when HE is the instigator, such as his attacks on a new commenter on David Wills site. He calls him a kid. Arrogant. Stupid. Brainwashed. All in his first address ever to the commenter who never once disrespected him. When called on this he refused to, answer, or god forbid even apologize for it. Which is the perfect time to segue into my last point.

"You have to realize, at some point, that the only difference between yourself and the version of me you envision in your twisted head, is that you have your own blog and a band of followers. Cheers."

If John honestly believes that is the ONLY difference between the two of us ... oh wait he probably does believe it. He is THAT full of batshit.

Here are some other differences that while true don't fit his narrative. When proven wrong I am not afraid to admit it. When an apology is called for I am not afraid to make it. When called out for being too harsh I am willing to look at what I said/ did and agree if I was. (And I have on this blog.) Those are things that John has never been able to do on my Blog or David's.  Dunno about the other sites he trolls.

In short, he is a fucktardic troll heavy on the batshit. That is why I dislike him.

Anonymous September 4, 2012 10:26 AM
Why the fixation then?

I get bored sometimes and AnonyJohn is an easy diversion. Mea culpa. :)

I hope this answers your questions.


  1. John's a dickheadSeptember 10, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Now - that wouldn't be the John who also enjoys haunting David Wills' website, would it?

    Idiots like him just ruin adult debate and discussion - they need to be banned. Their yelps along with those of the sociopathic losers from koreansentry etc of 'censorship' hardly need to be taken seriously.

    Ban 'em and ban 'em good, ban 'em for good. Their autism and over-nationalism is not fun for non Koreans/non apologists for the worst aspects of Korea. Korea has some good things going for it as well but these clowns make non Koreans quickly forget that.

    John and the likes are just oozing, festering zits that are difficult to get rid of. So you get rid of them the most effective and quickest way. Life ban from your site.

  2. John's a dickhead:

    Yes. This is the same John. He hung out for a while but got tired of being shown for the fucktard that he is. Then he took his ball and ran home. Now he haunts David's blog but stays away from here.

    I could have added a lot more to the OP. Hell, JohnnyBoy likes to think I am following him on David's blog when the fact is I started following David's old blog the minute I found out about and kept following his writing when he tossed it and started fresh. Long before the ego that is Anonyjohn started posting there.

    So when I call him out on his stupidity there he actually thinks I am on David's site just for him (John). Talk about being full of yourself.

  3. u still mad? yeah u mad

    1. Why do you hate Stig so much you ignore him?!?!?

  4. Lots of Anonymous hate action on the site today. Thanks fucktards. :)

  5. I haven't been getting any hate at SSW.
    I feel insulted.

    1. Really? Damn. Now I will have to reply to the fucktards with "Why do you hate Stig so much you ignore him?!?!?"

    2. you are both fucktards

    3. Still not very original. But an E for effort.