Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shit Koreans Say ... about wearing make-up.

"So funny how jjangkaes and japs love to make bullshit lies about Koreans. I love Korean girls and most of them don't even do make-up, which is why I always prefer Korean girls over Japs and jjangkaes."

This was posted by Grand Master (The actual title KS gives him not something I made up for shits and giggles.) Xcreaturex100 in a thread talking about someone complaining that KS is racist. It really shows the lack of knowledge these kkkunts have about Korea.

My female (expat) co-workers used to complain a lot about the comments from Korean students (adult and younger) and sometimes Koreans in general because they didn't wear make-up all the time. Or didn't wear enough. Some had students and Korean co-workers offer to help them put on make-up before class. While your average Korean woman doesn't look like a painted clown most wouldn't be caught dead in public without make-up on.

(I wasn't sure if the thread should be labelled Shit Koreans Say or Shit Morons Say ... it does bring the 2 issues into focus. A moron thinks Korean women don't wear make-up which makes him WAY out of touch.
Conversely showing how out of touch he is brings up the Korean obsession with women wearing make-up especially in light of my last Shit Koreans Say post. I decided to compromise and use both labels. :) )


  1. I was always irritated by the way some Korean women would constantly refurbish themselves.
    My favourite was a women I saw on a bus trip.
    She would take pictures of herself with her phone, examine the photo, make adjustments, and begin the process again.
    This went on until we reached our destination.
    Just how much makeup do you need?
    I think this woman was testing the limits...

  2. Korean females are among the most painted up I've ever seen anywhere,anyplace, anytime. Their biz, but when they start fixating on waygugin females it's damned annoying.

    The painted, made-up obsession goes hand in glove with the weight obsession.

    I for one have become heartily sick of the autistic Korean obsession with weight.

    It's not a good reflection on Korean men that they demand painted, thin females while they themselves have acne and look kind of feminine with their skinny bodies (although there are some chunky ones)and weird with the mostly big heads to go with those out of proportion bodies.

    Most of the Korean females I've worked with over time do not eat in a normal way so while the Asian body type is thinner than that of many waygugin females, it's also often because of a semi anorexic lifestyle.

    3 small bowls of white rice a day plus some kimchi and picking at one or two rolls of gimbap is the most some of them eat so when it's less it's actually sick. And slim/thin waygugin women look much more toned and healthy than the Korean equivalent generally who often if not always have flabby skin. Thin and flabby sucks.

    Along with that paint, er make up and skin whitener many of them pile on like they're putting it on with a trowel.

  3. Stig: I have seen that behaviour too. Heh. :)

  4. Anonymous: The weight obsession can be pretty bad. Especially when they use the starvation diets on their kids.

  5. fat fuck lose weight

  6. I hope you choke on a hamburger you fat fuck!

  7. That is the best insults you can come up with? Pathetic.

  8. The drooling moron yelping that you/we need to lose weight and choke on a hamburger is clearly a Korean/gypo with an over-sized head and child-like body.

    They carry a man purse (plastic Louis Vuitton etc), wear tight jeans or trousers that fail to reveal anything because they are not developed down there, are always putting on face cream and hand cream, quite unaware that the gays they claim to hate do the same, look in the mirror in the fruity way that many Korean men/gypos do, and at the end of the day go home to Mommy for her rice, kimchi and soup which explains the malnourished body.

    They are bitter because they can't take their girlfriend (if they have one) home to their cramped apartment and also they live like teenagers with Mommy and Daddy so they can't do those things. They go to a love hotel where their attempts at sexual behavior are videod by laughing security.

    Sad little fuckers, no wonder they're bitter.

  9. Way to stay classy Ripley.

    You have one guy being an ass and you feel it's ok to generalize a group of people. Also, nice penis jokes. Very mature.

    I wonder how far that kind of attitude would fly if, instead of Koreans, it was blacks or Muslims or women. How quickly would people see you as a bigot?

    It's alright to criticize, especially when you attack one idiot, but do so without the bile. Fruity? Not developed?

    Grow up.

  10. Go and wank off in front of the mirror. No, nobody here is attacking blacks or Muslims or women. We're attacking Korean assholes, wankers, and biyotches who tend to be big on giving their asshole opinions on everybody while not seeing what ugly specimens they are, physically and mentally.

    Ooooh, I called some Korean men fruity and you're all hot and bothered by it - wow, hit a nerve, didn't I. Yep, fruity. Yep feminine. Yep closet cases. Yep women haters who want women to look like, er men.

    The kinds of Korean men who actually proclaim they hate gays and then suck each other off in the jimjilbang. It happens. You probably do it yourself. Your're a bitch. Fuck off if you don't like free speech, asswipe.