Thursday, August 2, 2012

And it begins.

The latest Olympic Games have started and it didn't take long for the Korean Cult of Victimology to start up.   It can be seen in the headlines in the Korea Times, Worst in the Nation.

A series of judging controversies for South Korean athletes at the London Summer Games has marred the credibility of the Olympics.

Three athletes fell victim to controversial decisions by judges, which triggered an enormous outpouring of public outrage in the country. 

Yes, of course. How silly of me to think otherwise. THREE "controversial decisions" against South Koreans calls into question the credibility of the entire Olympics. The first example they cited kind of left me shaking my head wondering what the kimchi they were talking about.

Swimmer Park Tae-hwan experienced a controversial decision that first eliminated him from the 400-meter freestyle finals and then reinstated him several hours later to compete in the finals.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Park resinstated and allowed to compete? Hmmmm, the Times actually mentions that don't they? If that is the case doesn't that show that the process actually worked? A bad call was made and it was rescinded in a timely fashion so as not to affect the athletes ability to compete. Isn't that a good thing?

Then the batshit "we are victims" chant became louder.

Sources in Seoul said that in the international sport arena, there have been moves to keep South Korea in check. For instance, the International Archery Federation changed its rules four times as Koreans have dominated international archery competitions for the past decades.

Anonymous sources who may or may not actually exist. A trademark of the Korea Times and Korean "journalism" in general. Then you have an actual source brave enough to spread his batshit.

Professor Lee Jeong-hak of Kyung Hee University in Seoul said: “The West has made most sports rules. They might strongly believe that as the host they are entitled to do so. As they feel depressed because of the current euro economic crisis, there could have been jealousy against Korea. 

Yes. They are all trying to keep you down. The Korean badminton players didn't show poor sportsmanship. The man is just keeping Koreans down. 

The solution? 

A senior official at the Korean squad said: “More Koreans should make inroads into the governing bodies of the International Olympic Committee and international sport federations to prevent a recurrence of similar judging controversies for the country in international events.”

Infiltrate the various governing bodies of sports organizations so Korea can control everything ... errr protect themselves from being picked on. Of course, if it is all a conspiracy to keep Korea down wouldn't "they" keep them out of the various bodies? Hey, a new conspiracy for Koreans to promote!

What a fucking joke. Should be interesting to see what happens when South Korea hosts the Winter Games and decisions go against them.


  1. It seems that checking out the facts is just too hard for some people. It's easier to just make things up so that you can get back to the more important job of playing "Starcraft" for the billionth time today.

  2. Yes.

    But I feel really bad for the fencer. That was just sad.

  3. It was. Reminds me of the USA-Russia gold medal game in Olympic basketball in the 70's. The ref kept setting the clock back until the Russians won.

  4. I'm not that old :p

    The swimming was stupid since he got reinstated anyways.

    The judo one was controversial, but not too crazy.

    The fencing one almost made me cry.

    Oh and those badminton players deserve to be banned forever.

  5. Heh ... I am. And today a year older. ;)

    I think the British cyclist who admitted to deliberately crashing should be tossed out too.

    (Is it to or too ... where is my Grammar Nazi John when I need him. :) )

  6. You are a well known anti korean white trash.

  7. stig, FOAD, thx.

  8. Awww, poor muffin, reality got you all upset again.

  9. Yeah, shut your festering gob, you twit.

  10. always h8 4 korea fu

    1. Yes, I only post negative posts about Korea. I have never posted anything good. Unless of course you can read English and comprehend what was written. Fucktard.