Thursday, August 30, 2012

Game of Death

A big big thank you to Gusts of Popular Feeling for the post about "Game of Death". As he mentions it is in a Top Ten list of greatest movies never made.

When I first saw this I was all agog. It was a great story. An unfinished movie that could have been epic! Damn! Then I remembered watching Game of Death and the elation waned. Was this BS? Did someone screw up and think a movie that was made wasn't? What the kimchi?!?!? I was perplexed so I consulted that cornucopia of movie knowledge the Internet Movie Data Base.

Lo and beheld, there WAS a Game of Death film released, with Bruce Lee, somewhat, in it. Six years after Lee's death director Bruce Clouse took what Bruce had filmed in 1972 and made a movie around it using new cast members. This included two stand ins, whose faces are never fully seen. Footage of Lee's actual funeral was used in the movie. I knew I had seen it! But it wasn't the film Lee planned on making.

The film was originally planned to be filmed at Beopjusa. SongniSan is one of my favourite places in South Korea. I went there, and Beopjusa, many times.  I loved the video link from YouTube GoPF provided. It was interesting to see how the movie was planned to be made . And the views it was supposed to represent, such as No Style v.s. Style.

It is a shame that Clouse made that mash up. I wish we could have seen the movie Lee wanted to make. Now I am going to have to have a Bruce Lee festival next weekend.


  1. u should play game of death with a gun

  2. Only if you play with me. I promise to be the first to pull the trigger. Can you guess where I would be pointing the gun?