Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There are times ...

There are times when I think about doing a site that lambastes Koreans as much as the Korean Media, malcontents, and morons go after foreigners, using the same lack of logic and truth we see them using. Reading articles like this one currently on Gusts of Popular Feeling brings the urge back. Briefly.

The Korean media is taking a suicide by a foreigner who was teaching English and is turning it into yet another tirade against foreigners teaching English. Once again you see shoddy reporting, twisted statements, anonymous interviews that probably never took place and to cap it off ... a health centre in Korea giving out patient information to the media. (Which wouldn't surprise anyone who has spent time living in South Korea.) It is fucking disgusting.

It would be so easy for me to make a website to attack Koreans coming into Canada or the US. Or any other country. There are enough REAL news stories that could be used, or twisted the way the Korean media and other assholes do it. Just the Virginia Tech shooting alone would allow for a lot of material calling for all Koreans coming to the US to have psych evaluations to prove they aren't unstable. Then you have prostitution, especially in California, where Koreans are bringing women in from South Korea. Then you have the rapists and other deviants of Korean origin or descent who have appeared in the news. That lends itself to a lot of material that could paint all Korean women wanting to come to the West as potential prostitutes and Korean men and women as pimps. Korean students as being potential rapists and child molesters. It would be very easy to do what the Korean media and slime like the twats at Korea Sentry do to foreigners right back at them. But that doesn't mean it would be right.

That is the only reason I haven't done anything like that. I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it. At one time, for a lark, I seriously thought about making such a website. I started researching for news articles that would fit. I wouldn't even have had to twist much stuff. Then I thought about it some more and realized that while it would "serve" the assholes right it wouldn't be right. It would have been more hateful than funny. It would paint every Korean with a brush not all deserve. It would make me no better than the KKKunts at Korea Sentry.

I may over react when angry. I may get stuff wrong, and I hope I do apologise when I do that. I may come close to the line, and hope I haven't crossed it. In the end I don't want to be like them.


  1. Didn't some guy buy the name of You Suk already try that? It disappeared right about the time it started to become popular. he never seemed to proofread his stuff. When asked why he didn't proofread, he said he was mocking the times.


  2. YouSeok did something similar to what I was thinking but mainly he was just reposting the news of Koreans acting badly around the world without embellishing it or twisting it the way the Times and other malcontents do.

  3. There is a follow up article on Gust of Popular Feeling about an editorial that is just as disgusting.

  4. Yet Koreans aren't aghast that they have the highest teen suicide rate in the OECD and try to figure out how to lower it.