Friday, February 11, 2011


Flint's recent post about a visit to a Korean temple inspired me to share some photos of Bulguksa, arguably the best site to visit in Korea. I've been there many times, and I've always enjoyed the view of its facade.

I think most people will agree that if you seen one Korean temple, you've seen them all. Bulguksa is the one to see.

It, and nearby Sokkuram Grotto are not only National Treasures, but UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Bulguksa is in the hills above Kyoungju, which I visited in the spring of 2001, during my first year in Korea. It was close to Buddha's birthday, so there were a lot of paper lanterns being hung.

Around the same time, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and it is very beautiful.
One spring a group of us rented bicycles and rode around the resort area, Beomeo Lake.
But I think the best time of year to see Bulguksa is in the fall when the trees are turning all colours.


Nearby, and further up into the hills, is Sokkuram Grotto, which features a stone statue of Buddha set into the hillside.

But even this site is not free from signage containing bad English.

The beginning of the third paragraph reads: "A glass wall has been set up in front of it so that the inner portion may be outside."
I guess they thought you need a laugh after climbing up all that way.

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