Monday, February 7, 2011

What the ... slip and fall?!?!?

We had a bit of a flash freeze here last night and the city didn't salt the sidewalks. Needless to say walking the dog was an exercise in pain and frustration. It reminded me of slipping in Korea in the winter.

What made the slips different in Korea is that a lot of them weren't because of mother nature. Instead they were the result of morons.

There was a 24 hour pharmacy on a corner near Ivy school. Everyday they washed the floors inside, and the steps around 7-8AM. Then they would dump the water down the steps onto the sidewalk. Of course this would result in some nasty ice during the winter. Walking to work you would round a corner and immediately be on ice. This caused a lot of people, including me, to slip and fall. bloody mooks.

Then you have the adjummas that clean the stairs in buildings. They would do it regardless of the temperature. Leaving some bars in Cheongju was a survival test. I lost count of how many people I saw slip and fall on the first floor of the building Road King is in. You had to cling to the hand rail going down the stairs then brave the icy ramp. A few people ended up slipping and then sliding into piles of not quite frozen puke.

Ahhhh ... memories.

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