Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about Women's Rights 2.

When a poster on his site named Wideawake commented on Herr Consoleman's statement about Korean Women not being allowed to travel

No travel for women? Do you know how sexist that sounds? The Korean government has enforced more rigid passport requirements for Korean women even as late as the 2000's. I don't agree with it and it is unnecessary.

Herr Consoleman replied;

I was being extreme, at least I expect S.Korean government to stop foreign immigration or start drafting Korean women in to conscripted army for 2 years. Why do only Korean men have to serve military for two years while Korean women are freely dating foreigners for two years?

You were being extreme, really? And stopping all foreign immigration isn't extreme? Considering the extreme comments Herr Consoleman has made in other posts it is kind of hard to believe he isn't just trying a little obfuscation to get people off of what he said and probably really meant.

Most things seem to come back to Herr Consoleman's problems with Korean women dating or marrying foreigners. Although he says it isn't a problem as long as it happens outside of Korea but when he sees it outside of Korea it still gets his panties in a bunch.

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