Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... about Replies.

Why are they ignoring me?

They must have me on ignore.

They have me on ignore! That's not nice!

Ok, this COULD be something Koreans say too but I have heard it from more than a few foreigners. (One person did those so much it drove me crazy.) It happens when they send someone a text message, call and get no answer, or call and leave a message. If the person doesn't reply right away, let's say within 5-20 minutes, the whining starts.

What REALLY irks me about these kind of idiots is that they are hypocrites. They will take their time replying to messages, not reply at all, or even ignore an incoming call because they don't want to talk to the person. That is ok because it is them doing it, but when it happens to them (whether it really happened or they are just so paranoid they think it happened) the bitching starts.


  1. Yeah, I hate shit like this, too.
    What I really hate is when the other person responds to your text/post/IM after you've gone offline or it's late enough for them to figure you're asleep.
    I was trying to organize a trip to Andong to see the mask festival, and I had not one but two fellow teachers inform me they weren't going. One told me the night before, but I didn't see the message (on Facebook) until the next morning. The other texted me just as I was absorbing this. So I could either go alone or not go at all. I decided not to go, and I never spoke to either of these mooks ever again.
    I put them on ignore.

  2. Some people just need to be put on ignore.