Friday, February 25, 2011

What the ... degenerate Blackout?!?!?!?

You know just when you think there isn't anything else to say something happens to change that. I am starting to think that Blackout Korea is doing a HUGE public service by pointing out the number of drunken Koreans that just pass out where ever. It might shame them into looking at their behaviour.(I still don't agree with the asshats posing with the passed out Koreans they tend to make themselves look like idiots who need to feel some shame themselves.)

What brought this on? More Korean bullshit, with some apologist bullshit thrown in. Another foreigner, a Canadian this time, has died. According to reports from the Korean media he was drunk and went to sleep on train tracks and got run over. Of course the Korean media" is using this to show how foreigners teaching in Korea are unqualified and "flawed".

And apologist assholes like tinyflowers on Marmot's Hole is taking the opportunity to say things like;

It’s a legitimate concern. Do you want suicidal drunks teaching YOUR children?

I certainly wouldn’t want my children anywhere near these degenerates.

That’s interesting Robert, moreso for the historical perspective on Korea’s culture of napping in public. Koreans just love to stretch out and sleep anywhere without worry. I think it speaks to a trusting and genteel society (may a little too trusting now that we have jackasses with cameras running around “documenting” Korea’s “problem”)

If “getting drunk and passing out in public” are the only criteria then yes. But I don’t even consider that to be all that bad. Getting drunk, stripping naked and killing yourself is pretty degenerate however.

Wow. What a kkkunt. A Korean passes out drunk and he is a hard worker in a trusting and genteel society. A foreigner does it and he is a degenerate. Dude you just don't want to go on about drunks being teachers in Korea. You will lose. Let alone suicidal people.

But I digress. It starts to look like Blackout Korea is doing Korea a SERVICE by posting the pics because it just might make Koreans pay attention to their number of drunks and passed out drunks. (No, I doubt they will. I am pretty sure they will just keep vilifying foreigners and ignore their own failings.)

In 10 years in South Korea I saw MANY MANY more passed out Koreans than foreigners and I am not talking about passed out in bars. I am talking about passed out outdoors. On sidewalks, in parks, ON ROADS. That isn't even getting into the public urination. (That also is only talking about obviously drunken Koreans. Then you have the ones who are either not obviously drunk or just insane. At least once a week a group of 4 workers used to have their lunch in the middle of the road in front of a co-workers apartment. They were either drunk or fucking insane.) I guess dropping your drawers and pissing where ever you want doesn't make you a degenerate in Korea ... unless you are a foreigner ... using the twisted logic of assholes like tinyflowers.

Tinyflowers. Hmmm ... maybe that is his problem. He is trying to compensate for his tiny flower.


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  2. I don't read Chris' site but I may have to for that. What a fucking insane thing to say.

  3. I've seen as many drunks behaving as pictured. I just didn't take advantage of them. That's kind of low.
    Flint and I were relaxing in a park one night with a few beers when one of these drunken fools fell asleep on a bench near us. After a time, he rolled off the bench onto his head. The resounding "Klunk!" It was kind of funny at the time, but I had to feel sorry for the poor mook upon reflection.
    What a life.
    And it is a problem. When I was working at a middle school in Daegu, I passed a community centre on the way to and from work. At least once a week there would be a group of adasshis mooking it up on the benches and swilling soju. Once, a group of three was there. One guy was passed out on a bench. Another was throwing up in the bushes and then fell over into the sick. The third was too inebriated to get up and help him.
    This was at a community centre. Where old folks and kids and all manner of neighbourhood inhabitants came together for wholesome exercise and other assorted activities.
    But foreigners need to be punished.
    Yeah, right.

  4. I remember that guy in the park. he ended up leaving later with friends but left his shoes under the bench.