Monday, February 7, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about K-Pop in Japan.

"Yup, music piracy is big problem and this is why K-pop industry is still sending K-pops to Japan, Taiwan and China."

So ... according to Herr Consoleman ... the reason why the K-Pop industry is sending groups to Japan is because of piracy. Seriously? It couldn't be because Japan is the second largest music market in the world? It couldn't be because of the money they can make in Japan?

Mind you it is also kind of funny to see a Korean complain about music piracy.


  1. ah, the irony... kind of like those "I'm a good downloader" commercials they started showing after they discovered that Koreans were pirating Korean movies. They didn't give a shit about pirating Hollywood movies, even though it was a major issue of the free trade agreement, they only grew concerned when everybody started downloading D-war

  2. I had forgotten all about the "good downloader" campaign. I remember the hype around it because of some Korean tsunami movie and it was available to download as soon as it opened.

  3. I googled "korean good downloader" and what did I find? A link to a post on Herr Consoleman's site ... by him ... letting people know a good site to get free/illegal downloads from.

  4. "they only grew concerned when everybody started downloading D-war:"

    Who is this everybody?

  5. I have a confession to make ... I downloaded D-War. I wanted to see if it was as bad as I had heard. It wasn't as bad but it wasn't all that good.