Sunday, February 6, 2011

What the ... ego stroking?!?!?

I know Koreans like to prattle on about how great Korean food is. How great Kimchi is. What doesn't kimchi cure or protect you from?

The latest ego stroking is about the Somali pirates that were brought to South Korea to face trial. The Terrible Times actually did a story about what they are eating and how the pirates praise Korean food. They actually printed what the pirates ate for every meal.

We are talking Somali pirates here. If they were given a bowl of fried worms in red pepper paste and asked how the food was they would probably have said "good good". Hey, did I just create the latest Korean dish?

Who really gives a fuck what these wastes of space think about Korean food? Only someone who was so insecure that he had to affirm how great his country is in any way would prattle on about something as stupid as this. Oh wait, I forgot what country I was talking about for a second.


  1. It's not ego stroking man. Everyone knows that genetically Somalis have the most discerning palates in the world. They are such picky eaters that Somalia is known for it's famines. That drives a certain type of desperation to turn to piracy. You see, the pirates don't care about money or ransoms, they just want to find the world's best foods. That's why they attack international ships. Apparently they have chosen Korean ships because Korean food is the best, that's why they attack Korean ships so often. It's not because Korea has a reputation for paying ransoms to terrorists or anything like that. They know that a daewoo oil tanker is going to have one whole section of ship dedicated to Kimchi. Now another country might use that section of ship for oil, but we all know that Koreans know that Kimchi is the best food in the world and that eating any other kind of food when the ship goes to port is useless since the crew just won't eat anything else. That is one of the reasons why Daewoo wanted to buy a third of the land in Madagascar. They were going to use the space to grow cabbage and make surplus kimchi in order to pacify the pirates.

    You know some times I think you just care way too much about attacking the good people over at the Korean Sentry Forum to think logically about these things.

  2. That was good. :) The good ship Kimchipop. :)