Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sign Of The Week

As you may have surmised, the teaching of English is a big business in Korea. I remember in my first year finding a sheet that listed the fees parents had to pay to send their child to the hagwon I worked at.
I and my co-workers thought it was a license to print money.
Which makes it all the funnier when you see something like this:

It seems the kids that are taking lessons and going on to careers aren't absorbing quite as much as they should.
It's a mystery as to why signs like this happen, when you consider that the sign painter could find a foreigner to correct his grammar and spelling as easily as he could find a pot of kimchi.
But it does make our experience in Korea richer, and full of nuance and texture.
In the coming weeks, Flint and I will be passing on that experience to you.


  1. I wonder if the mumbers of that club are called mumberjacks.

  2. You don't need a foreigner to tell you that you spelled something wrong, you just need something with spell check. It's amazing how many typed things that I have had to proofread that could have been fixed if the person had only payed attention to the little red underline.

  3. I hadn't even thought of spell check. I just look at the Hagwons around, the number of NET's working for the government and could be asked to proof read.

    Spell check makes the mistakes even stupider.

  4. My favorites signs or Korean misprints are as follows;

    1. Smoking reduces your adility to have an erection.
    2. Do not feed the goat or you may stimulate the goat.
    3. I want a double cheeseburger and a large cock.
    4. Sam's crap house in Duluth, GA.

  5. You may stimulate the goat. Hahahahaha!!!!