Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... about Foreigners.

I think I was unintentionally nasty with my last comment. Please accept my apologies for that, I tend to side with the Koreans whenever I hear foreigners complaining, I ought to have given you the benefit of doubt.

This comment was made by an asshole that goes by the name of Andrew Irwin. His name links to a blog appropriately named Munky Brains if it is his. His comment is pretty typical of how apologists do react. They blame the foreigner first and worry about the facts later.

The previous post he referred to was one in which he was replying to a blog post from a woman living in Korea who was basically raped by a guy. The gyst of what Munky Brains thought of her post can best be summed up in his own words;

I've been in Korea long enough to know the score and know plenty of girls that haven't experienced any more trouble than they'd get anywhere in the world, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe - anywhere. So that makes you the anomaly, so what ARE you doing to invite it?

It is her fault. She invited it. Wow. The guy she brought home wouldn't wear a condom so she said no. Later she wakes up to being raped and that is what this piece of shits has to say. It is bad enough to be an apologist but this guy takes it to a whole new level of stupidity.

The dangers of one nights stands and picking up strangers aside, that is an incredibly moronic attitude for someone to take. He would get along quite well with the 'tards on Herr Consoleman's site. They are ignoring the reality of what she said and focusing on how condoms don't protect you 100% ... but that is another post.


  1. Apparently that guy hasn't read the dozens of blog posts by women who have had similar things happen to them. Makes me want to try to import pepper spray. (Another item that you can buy at the checkout counter in America but stupidly can't buy in Korea...that and fire alarms.) I bet Andrew Irwin would say that you can't buy fire alarms in Korea because fires don't happen because of the carbon dioxide released from fermenting Kimchi.

  2. I think western women have to be more vigilant in Korea. I'm by no means saying she played any part in her own rape. I think she was probably expecting different behavior from a Korean man based on western perceptions of Korean culture. For example, I was on a second date with a guy I thought was wonderful and when we missed the last subway of the night he offered to let me stay in his spare bedroom. He lived alone and had a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Since he had been so great up until that point and was nothing but respectful and considerate, I thought it was safe. He assured me I would be fine and because I had come to trust him after knowing him for about three weeks at that point I accepted. Needless to say once we got to his place he turned out to be anything but a nice guy. I was trapped there overnight until he finally let me out in the morning. And he warned me ahead of time that his two brothers are cops. So yeah, foreign women often buy into the "Korean men are more respectful of women than western men" bullshit, but I had a rape counsellor tell me that this is something that probably wouldn't have happened to me if I had been a Korean woman. So being blamed for my own rape doesn't add anything but guilt and self-hatred to how I feel about myself. I'm sure she also doesn't need to be slut-shamed to make her feel worse either.

  3. 3gyupsal ... you always manage to make me laugh.

  4. Anonymous your comment is spot on. Women need to be extra vigilant in Korea. Most Korean women have learned the lessons, sometimes painfully, that foreign women come not knowing.

    The rape counsellor was an asshole. It happens to Korean women too, and is usually unreported because of the shame factor. Just look at what those 2 middle school girls went through in Masan about 5 years back. Raped by 20 high school boys repeatedly for a year. They got stuffed in a room with the boys parents and berated. They were not allowed to deal with a female cop. One of the male cops berated them and told them they should leave Masan because they have shamed the city by coming forward.

    One of my friends, and old co-worker told me what happened to her sister. She was at an MT with her co-workers. Went to sleep after drinking only to wake up with one of her co-workers raping her. She never spoke up because she would be blamed.

    Too many foreigners bleat the lie that women have nothing to fear from Korean men. Foreigners who don't know any better often believe it, at least for a while.

    And then when someone speaks out about her experience they get it from Koreans (I found a link to her story on the KKK site) and apologists like that jackass Andrew Irwin.

  5. I don't know, man - we all say things at some point that we wish we could retract. Looks to me like the man's apologized. I'm not sure how your public condemnation of a person you don't know makes you any better. Maybe let it go. Dragging names through mud on blogs just goes on and on...

  6. I can understand your point of view ... however, the guy put his name out there when he made the comments online. The guy in question made comments basically blaming a woman who was raped for being raped. My dog is a better person than him.