Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What the ... YouTards?!?!?!

(I wrote this post while events were still fresh. Unfortunately, I got busy with work and never got around to finishing it. While going through What the Kimchi yesterday I noticed that this was sitting unpublished. I decided to finish it and post it today.)

Odds are if you read a Korea related blog you saw the video and know about the expat blowing up at an old man on a bus in Seoul. (Was it Seoul?)

First you had the title of the video "Blacks riot in South Korea Bus". It was actually one black man. I don't know if that can actually constitute a riot but I doubt it. Regardless, it was very misleading. The title has since been changed to Black Violence in South Korea Bus. Still fucktardic but not as misleading.

But that isn't what had me shaking my head at the idiocy of some YouTubers. It was the comment section. I had almost forgotten just how fucktardic people can be on YouTube.

You had your Internet heroes making comments.

"I'D SHUT YOUR ASS? UPPP~~~~~~~~~~" emma1021poo

"What a fuckin IDIOT!! I'LL BRING IT MUTHAFUCKA!! Tough guy! I'll do that? shit to you!" zionrocket

if i was on that bus (as a black female) i would have slapped the sht out of him.

Of course if they were there they would have done something. They would have put him in his place. They would have kicked his ass. They would have ... probably done sweet fuck all just like the others on the bus did.

Then you had your racist trolls just using this as another way to grind their axe.

"fuckin nigger. i am not trying to mock all the black people, but his behavior makes me angry. and i cannot understand how come he is an english teacher in korea? such a mother fucker. when you go to Rome, you obey their rules big ass. and fuckin leave? this country. i usually try not to mean to people. but GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY SHITTY MOTHER FUCKER" StoryOfSouL

Ah the old when in Rome line. I could do a blog just on how stupid a thing that is to say.

"Fucking Nigger. Don't blacks know that they are the lowest race on earth? Didn't apartheid in South Africa and discrimination in USA thought them to bow down? to ALL other races?" AmandaLee392

is there anyway we can educate niggers with ipad?

Then you had some that made comments that just didn't make sense. Or rather, made even less sense than the nonsense some of the YouTards were spitting out.


He shouldn't even be there ..

Jap agent is active to let a Korean quarrel with a black.

You did have some people making reasonable comments. Whether it was voicing their disgust vociferously or just letting people know it was wrong. (And that the net tards were wrong too.) Unfortunately, they seem to get drowned out by the idiots.

What can I say, these kind of tards are part of the reason I gave up on YouTube a long time ago. It seems like their whole life revolves around YouTube and posting their vitriol.


  1. Lol.I love it. Where was all of this outrage and commentary when the Korean grandmother was beating on a 12 year old for not giving up her seat. Did that make the national news? Where was the referendum on Korean civilization? I mean how backwards and savage do you have to be sit around watching a 12 year old get assaulted over a seat?

  2. I give this post another thirty minutes before Eve tells you off for your choice of words (I believe that she does not condone the N-word...even as a quote...but don't quote me on that) :-)

    Blackchild...the incident with the old woman and the young girl (she was 17, not 12) was not about the younger woman not giving up a seat, and it did make the national news, and provoked some heated debate as to who was in the wrong (the young woman for using bad language, the old woman for being as loopy as all shit, or the onlookers for not intervening).


  3. Youtubers are the absolute worst of the internet.

  4. Blackchild:

    A lot of Koreans acting badly (without foreigners involved) make the news and the net just like the Bustard did. The Korean nutizens focus on a lot of shit that the Korean media then blows up. Like dog poop girl or the girl who said "short men are losers" on Chatting With Beauties.

  5. Anonymous:

    You do get some real assholes there who don't seem to have a life and just jump from video to video grinding their axe or just acting out.