Thursday, May 17, 2012

What the ... PDA comments?!?!?

A friend pointed out a blog post to me this morning. It is about how someone who was upset with the PDA's of a couple, who are now called Horny Bus Couple by the Korean Nutizens, posted a picture of them on the internet and how it has blown up from there.

The picture looks pretty tame compared to PDA's I saw when I was in SoKo. Going by what the picture taker said it was a lot of kissing with the woman putting her head back and moaning. The PT said it reminded her of porn. So ... the PT likes her porn does she? :)

The couples "reckless behaviour" was so shameful that an old woman changed seats to get away from them. And rather than confront them and tell them to get a hotel room the PT took their picture and posted it. She should have done both. :)

But I digress. What stuck out in my mind were the comments of some of the Nutizens. They ranged from the amusing to the just plain stupid.

미래로: "Oh dear. If only have I met those horny bitch and bastard."

Why? So you could sit in your seat and do or say nothing? Or whack off to them? Yet another internet hero who "would have done something".

안녕하세요: "That bastard’s panties must be wet. It’ll be itchy when you pee."

That is so stupid it is hilarious. :)

soo2002: "That bitch and bastard are sickly horny but don’t have enough money to get a motel room. Even though he seems like one of those bastards who can only manage it for about five minutes…"

A short timers experience talking?

프리오우: "Their identity should be published, so their life will be ruined for good."

And there is the Nutizen attitude that we are used to seeing. Your identity should be published too. :)

moongun님: "What on earth is she doing with that short bastard…?"

Heh ... maybe this will be the next target for the Nutizens. Remember what happened when that woman said short men were losers on national TV?

세상만사 : "Busan, again? They have Japs’ blood, it’s no wonder."

And of course what would Nutizens be without dragging ethnic slurs into it? I am only surprised they didn't start slagging ESL teachers. Just think of the "outcry" if it had been foreigners, let alone a foreigner and *gasp* a Korean.

Internet whack jobs, they are good for a laugh from time to time. And the Korean Nutizens usually top the list.  :)


  1. "Even though he seems like one of those bastards who can only manage it for about five minutes…" I bet he won't last a minute even with some help from trusty Viagra. :)

  2. Those comments are hilarious. Gotta love the internets.

  3. Yeah ... no matter what you use on the net you will usually find tools like them around to entertain you. :)

  4. I'd be more impressed if there were this much outrages against public displays of domestic violence.

  5. I can't argue with that 3gyupsal. It would be nice to see.