Friday, October 28, 2011

What the ... Douchey Dave rides again?!?!?!?

A tip of the hat to Burndog for bringing David Thiessen's latest foray into fucktardery to my attention. Yes the idiot that told us there is NO racism in South Korea is back in the Korea Times, Worst in the Nation. His latest endeavour is a made up conversation between him and a friend recycling some of his batshit. All foreigners (except him, his "friend", and the few silent foreigners) are bad, deserve being treated like shit, and are racists. Burndog does an excellent job of dissecting the tripe so there is no need for me to do that here.

This piece of crap journalism, typical of the Terrible Times, wasn't a Letter to the Editor. The Times has actually got Douchey Dave to submit crap like this for their "Thoughts of the Times" column. I knew the Korea Times had a low opinion of foreigners but hadn't realized it was this low.

Douchey Dave makes the same mistake a lot of apologists and the KKKlan over at KS make. He assumes that all foreigners support the bad behaviour of other foreigners. That is what, Elementary School logic? Which sums up DD quite well. The mental and emotional maturity of a child. Or one of the KKKluckers at Korea Sentry.

It is funny to see him try to distance himself from the apologists. He said, through his fictional friend Cal, "Even their so-called apologists are not really defending the Korean nation."

If they aren't defending Korea by excusing the bad behavour of Koreans then they aren't ... apologists. I guess he is trying to set himself up as the Uber-Apologist. Better than all the rest.

I may have my run in with him on YouTube around it might be worth typing up and posting.


As per 3gyupsal's request here is a link to the article. The 1st of 2. Sorry I had a brain fart and forgot to attach it when I initially wrote this thread.


  1. I'd be interested in seeing that Flint! He's a piece of work!

  2. I'd like a link to the article.

    But really, why attack Mr. Thiessen? I have gotten a lot of good entertainment from reading his stuff.

  3. @Burndog

    Unfortunately I trashed the video a couple of years ago. I may have it stored or at least a transcript.

  4. @3gyupsal

    I didn't link to the article? Doh! I'll fix that.

    He is entertaining, in a fucktardic sort of way, but he also gives ammunition to the kkkluckers and their ilk.

  5. Wow. I go back to school, become immersed in the mechanics of teaching, and come back to find chaos. Beauty pageant contestants molested, Korean coast guard manhandled by the Chinese, and Douchey Dave on the loose again.
    I think I have a paper due...

  6. Heh ... good to see you around again. It took a trifecta of fucktardery to make me post again. ;)

  7. Do you know why He hates the US so much? He has a domestic violence charge against his wife. hey allowed him to plead out to deportation as opposed to 3 years jail term. This is all public records in the Arizona courthouse. JT

  8. Feh ... dunno anything about Douchey Dave that he hasn't posted. Can't be arsed to look into his personal life. The shit he posts is all I need to see to know he is batshit crazy.

  9. Did DD ever follow through with the threatened Part 2 to this "article"?