Friday, November 11, 2011

More Mad Cow Stupidity.

A tip of the hat to Korea Beat for translating the article about how Young Koreans fear that the FTA with the US will lead to Mad Cow infected beef coming to South Korea. According to the article:

54.7% of those in their 30s believe that the KORUS FTA will cause rampant mad cow disease, and 69.1% of women in their 30s are worried about it, the survey found.

After being in South Korea during the various bouts of Mad Cow bullshit I can't say I am surprised by the poll. There was a lot of batshit reasoning floating around then. A lot of fears were played on to get people riled up. A lot of anti-American bullshit was heard. Which makes the part of the poll that showed a majority of people feared becoming a US colony due to free trade not very surprising either.


  1. I went to a meat buffet yesterday. They had a bunch of meat in a cooler and you took it back to your table and grilled it yourself. All you can eat for 9,900 won. The place was pretty popular, there were about 7 other tables busy at 3:00 in the afternoon.

    I'm willing to bet that I had some American beef.

  2. I bet you did too. One of the things I found incredibly entertaining yet insane during the whole Mad Cow BS was when Koreans would whine that the Americans are evil because Korean restaurants would lie about where the beef came from. Who would be lying and therefore evil and potentially harming Koreans?