Thursday, November 17, 2011

Douchey Dave: 1st Encounter

My introduction to David Thiessen aka Douchey Dave happened on YouTube years ago. He left a typical Douchey Dave comment on my old YouTube Channel.

"I wonder why you do this.? Can you tell me?"

This wasn't left in reference to any one video, just in the general comment section of the channel. It was followed up by this one.

"Foreigners only have themselves to blame for much of what transpires during their sojourn in this country, we are not blameless and the fault does not lie with the Korean nation only.

Take a hard look at your own actions, look at your attitude and behavior through an outsider's eye and see if you are happy with what you see."

I would discover that this is classic Douchey Dave. He takes the stand that whatever happens it is ALWAYS the fault of the foreigner. No matter how fucked over the foreigner gets it is always their fault according to good old Double D. It really makes you wonder how he functions with his head so far up his ass.

I left a couple of replies, which formed the nucleus of my later response. Then I looked up his YouTube Channel. The twat basically just went around to any videos that criticised South Korea in any way, whether real or perceived by DD, and spread his batshit. That is the sum of his contribution to YouTube. Much like his contribution around the web and in print. To be a troll.

Since my replies elicited no response, and in the time honoured tradition of ranting and responding, I made a video for Davey boy. :) Below is a transcript of it. At first, based on the insane logic and blind defence of South Korea I figured DD was just another Kyopo or Korean with an axe to grind, like the KKKlan members at KS. It was only after making this and searching his name on the web that I found out who he is, and just how batshit crazy he is.


Good afternoon. This is a bit of a rant but also a response. YouTube member davidarchthiessen posted a couple of comments on my channel's main page. I really don't know what to make of the comments he made.

Basically it seemed like he started off by saying it is the foreigners fault if things go pear shaped. If they have any problems, if something bad happens it's YOUR fault. And ONLY the foreigners are at fault. Never the Koreans.

He did have a bit of a point, and not just the one on his head. Sometimes with your attitude or your outlook you can create your own problems. I do that. We all do that.

Everybody has bad days. Sometimes your actions are so strange that it REALLY makes you look bad. Like if I were to, ohhh, take a phesant and hammer it to death. That would make me look very bad. Maybe a little "evil". Maybe I would even look like a psycho.That would be my fault and no one elses.

It works both ways though. Sometimes people create the problems for you. Sometimes it is their attitudes and what they do. Like if I am walking down the street and I hear a Korean say Meechin Miguk to me. Well, who just created the problem here? Him or me? Me because I learned enough Korean to understand he is being rude or him for being a rude asshole?

So, I do agree with him to a point. Sometimes foreigners do create their own problems here. I have done it. Other foreigners have done it. But it doesn't ALWAYS work out that way. According to Douchey Dave it is always the foreigners fault. That is pretty fucked up.

Then he posted "Why do you do this?"

Why do I do what? Why do I make videos? Why do I talk about life? Why do I criticize Korea? (Which does seem to be the burr in his saddle.) All of the above? I mean, it is not actually a bad question but qualify it. What do I do that you want to know about?

Why do I make videos? I want to. I can. So, I do it. Ok, that is being a little glib. I do it for my friends. A good friend got me started on YouTube or I probably never would have. So, some of it I do for him. Some of it I do for me. Some of it I do for family. Some of it I do to try and share my experiences in life with other people and friends. I have met some nice people through this and I have met a lot of people full of haterade. Which one are you davidarchthiessen?

Why do I talk about life? Well, you know what? I am living it! I'm not going to talk about your life because I am not living your life. What happens in your life, well, I don't know. Maybe YOU should share that with other people? You might like it. You might not. If you don't then you stop doing it.

When I view other peoples videos, well, except for the comedy ones, but the life ones I view them to learn from their experiences. Sometimes I learn lessons about myself. I hope people have the same experience with mine.

Sometimes in doing my videos it makes me examine what I think. Or comments I get back make me examine some of what I have said. Maybe I was a too harsh. Maybe I am taking something the wrong way. I would like to think that I am open minded enough to learn from that.

Why do I criticize Korea? I don't JUST criticize Korea. Granted a lot of my rants do that. But, you know what, I am living here. I pay taxes here. Income tax, pension, health care, sales tax. I pay that money out and if I want to criticize something about Korea ... I will.

If I was living in Canada odds are my rants would mostly be about Canada. No one country is perfect my friend. None! South Korea, Canada, America, Zimbabwe ... you get the idea. I could keep throwing out the names of every country.

No country is perfect. They all have problems. And sometimes, especially if it is a big problem like racism, if you don't talk about it then it will never get fixed.

After looking at your responses, reading your comments, and posting my replies I took a look at your YouTube Channel. I wonder why YOU are here? Are you just here to attack people you feel are saying disparaging things about Korea?

You created your account just over a week ago. All you seem to have done is piss people off by posting on their channel how much you don't like them. Which makes them post back on yours about what a douche you are. If that is all you are here for ... go away troll.

Why not try and contribute something? Make some videos about what you think makes Korea great. I challenge anyone out there ... make some videos about what makes your country great. If there is something in your country that ticks you off make a video about that.

There are a lot of good things in Korea. Tell us about them! Educate us about the country and what makes it great. If you aren't going to do that ... piss off.

If you need help I can give you some ideas. If you need some stock footage I can take some for you and send them to you. No problem. I will help you if you really want to do that.

If you do that. If you start to contribute and not just with your stupid comments. (Ok they weren't all stupid. "Why do you do it?" was an ok question.) People will take you seriously and won't just think you are a troll.As it stands right now I think you are just a troll. But I made this anyway. :)

Davidarchthiessen, have a good day. Relax. Drink some soju. If it raining where you are a little makkeolli and pajeon always goes good with the rain.


  1. It IS raining here this morning! He's a twat. I had an email exchange with him after my blog post (I directed him to read it and TRY to understand what I was saying (no such luck with the understanding)). He's a lunatic really. Loopy.

  2. I guess I lucked out when he ignored my attempts to actually talk to him. :)

    He gives a whole new meaning to loopy. We have to come up with a new term to reflect it. Hmmm ... Davshit crazy? Naw not original enough. Any ideas?

  3. Just so you know David Thiessen is not and has never been a member of youtube. You were conned by someone pretending to be him.

  4. And of course you know this because ... you are him? You are his PR rep? His lawyer? Just another anonymous troll? Who is conning who now? :)

  5. Maybe it is his good buddy and imaginary friend Cal writing you?

  6. Heh ... can't say that thought didn't cross my mind. ;)

  7. I can't believe that David took the route "Someone else was scamming my name and posting things." YOU'RE NOT THAT IMPORTANT DAVID!

  8. I can believe it. The twat is still trying to promote his "there is no such thing as racism" view on Burndog's blog.