Friday, November 25, 2011

What the ... outage?!?!?

As Burndog walks away from his Herr Consoleman and Eve keeps bringing up hers I feel left out. It has been a long time since I mentioned my Herr Consoleman, the real one, and his sad band of racist fucktards at Korea Sentry.

I was going to visit there to see what Herr Consoleman is rambling about now and then mock him here. A friend pointed out that Korea Sentry is DOWN. Lo and behold, it is. If you go there you get the following message.

It has been down for 2+ weeks. I have to wonder just who they will blame for it being down.

Foreigner Teachers? After all, this is their biggest bugaboo. They blame foreign teachers for just about everything.

Immigrants to Korea? They do seem to be their second favourite whipping boy.

Vitamin200: The recent massacre in Norway was caused by multiculturalism ... Korea must avoid this dangerous multicultural path.

China? Probably tied with Immigrants as their second favourite whipping boy.

Herr Consoleman himself: Fuck China!

dangun harabuji: Still, it'd take a really long time to dilute the Northern heritage. Although the amounts of chinese cockroaches gaining citizenship is kind of worrying.

xcreaturex100: Chinese, probably island chink, that's why we had to make refute videos against these chink trolls.

The Japanese? Another favourite of theirs.

Jews? Yes, anti-Semitism also has a home on Korea Sentry.

shihtzuumji in a thread about Steve Jobs dying: The man was a killer and a Jew wannabe.

Vitamin200: Korea can't become a Jewish-worshiping nation. All these bullshit ideas such as "multiculturalism", "human rights" and "globalism" are Jewish ideas that have plagued Korea and a lot of European countries.

Herr Consoleman: you know Hollywood is control by Jews and a lot of non-American directors and producers and if you're redneck then there isn't much future within entertainment industry.

Korean Women? After all if they even think about not marrying a Korean they are stupid and evil.

MidwestInsahm82: Little do these stupid yellowcab sellouts know that dating or worse, marrying a white or non-Korean male leads to marriage problems in the future, and even identity crisis for their kids.

I'm all for Korean-only marriage. I know this may sound off topic, but this is why horses that participate in races are PURE bred. Nobody wants to buy a cheap mixed-breed horse. Same with racial purity.

Herr Consoleman: Korean women are bossy when it comes to Korean men but submissive when it comes to smelly Whiteys.

What can I say, they seem to hate everyone not Korean, and even some Koreans. It is hard to say who exactly they will blame but odds are they will try and put it on foreigners somehow.


  1. I wonder how long they have been down for?

  2. According to the old site, which is now being used again and turns up in a google search, it has been down over 2 weeks.

  3. I know there are plenty of places on the internet to get crazy, batshit insanity but they were OUR crazy batshit insanity.