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Shit Herr Consoleman Says .... about IR Marriage.

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:50 pm
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canucksaram, we're not discussing about ESL here, we're referring to Korean media promoting IR-dating/marriage when there clearly is population shortage in Korea. Do you even know IR-marriage also have very high divorce rate? Also creating unnecessary mixed kids that led to social issues. The main problem is because of media brain washing young people, they automatically thinks dating/marrying foreigners is cool thing.

Unnecessary mixed kids that led to social problems? Blame the kids because they get mistreated by bigots. I am not surprised he wrote this considering the KKKunt and his band of merry morons have actually blamed rape victims for being raped. What a putz.


  1. In herr counsel-man's defense there are a lot of better reasons why the Korean government shouldn't support the trafficking of South East Asian teenagers in their marriages with Korean country retards...or city retards who are so socially incompetent that they have to import brides from 3rd world countries to satisfy their marriage requirement.

    The justification for such practices are always about supplanting Korea's low birth rate...which isn't that low when you think of other 1st world nations. However, when you hear Koreans screeching about how Korea only has 17% arable land, you have to wonder why the hell they want to keep population levels the way they are.

    Korean Person: Korea only has 17% arable land. We have to import most of our food, oil and wives.

    Someone else: Okay.

    Korean person: Korea has a low birth rate.

    Someone else: But the population density is very high.

    Korean person: If we don't make more people our economy will be in trouble.

    Someone else: But if you have less people, won't you be able to support them more efficiently with the things that you produce in the country. Won't you be able to import less from other countries?

    Korean Person: You have to understand our culture.

    Now you are right. Herr Council-man is an idiot douche bag, and the Korean government should do more to support the international halves of international marriages..and the government does through free Korean lessons for foreign spouses, free math tutoring for mixed kids, free child care for up to three years, all those things are great, but they should also extend them to normal Koreans, to make their lives a little less shitty.

  2. Your post makes sense but Herr Consoleman is worked up about Korean women marrying foreign men. It seems to be his greatest obsession and he puts a lot of hate into it. He also blames Korean women for the Korean men who marry foreign brides.

    I agree with you that the same help should be extended to Koreans. It is only fair.

  3. I was explaining to my mothers' class that my husband and I will be returning to the U.S. in September after our baby is born (I'm white, husband is Korean American), and they were curious why. I told them that I didn't think our son would be treated very fairly since people already refer to him as a "mixed blood". They all nodded and accepted this as a reasonable decision. Sometimes I feel like we're embroiled in a Harry Potter plotline.

  4. Why anyone worry, majority of koreans always look very korean ,so they will blend in easy with ethnic koreans in south korea. Well, maybe not if they have light color eyes, but look at jon gosselin and many koreans mixed koeans usually have very mongoloid korean faces, so that isn't a problem.

  5. No idea Anonymous. Some people just seem to be raised to be racist assholes.

    I have seen koreans verbally attack other Koreans (students of mine) because they didn't look Korean therefore they could not be a real Korean. The student being attacked had pale skin and light brown hair. She has to bring a note from her parents to her school at the start of every year saying that is her natural hair colour and not dyed or else she would be in trouble for not "looking Korean". It is pretty fucked up.