Friday, April 1, 2011

What Would Fucktard Do?

There is an interesting new blog out there called What Would Fucktard Do? The latest post, the third of the blog, really resonated with me. I had never put Hilda in the fucktard category but after reading that I think she deserves to be there.

Hilda is one of those people who complain "Why didn't you invite me?" You decided to do something at the last minute, or a friend called and invited you. Hilda lives in another city and even if you had thought of inviting her there just wouldn't be time. Of course as soon as she finds out you did something she would whine "Thanks for inviting me.", "Why wasn't I invited?" or the more annoying "Nice to be invited." or "I guess I am on ignore."

She would even get like that when she wasn't invited to things by people she kept blowing off. Like Spock. He always invited her to come out. Most of the time she would say yes and then not show. So he stopped inviting her. Once she found that out the "Why wasn't I invited?" started. Of course she would never ask him why, she would just annoy others whining about it.

What would make the fucktardery even more annoying is she would do it even if she had previously told you there is no way she would be in town to do anything. Stig probably remembers this example, there was a time when we had a Thursday and then a Tuesday holiday. Hilda was in town for the Thursday one. She said quite vehemently that she would not come to town on the Tuesday. I say vehemently because she droned on about it for a while, complaining about crowds on the buses, on the streets, and just about everywhere else.

So 11AM Tuesday morning rolls around and Stig and I decide to meet at Outback for lunch. Of course Hilda calls while we are there. She then proceeds to get pissy for not being invited. I mentioned that I knew she didn't want to come in and that just led to more fucktardery.

"How do you know what I would want to do?"

"Because you told us quite clearly last Thursday you were NOT coming to town today for any reason."

The scramble to save face at this point caused her to deny saying that while also stating that she is allowed to change her mind. Contradictory fucktardery.

She would also hold the lack of an invitation against people for years. Hell, she is probably still holding a grudge about it. For example, a friend of mine, N, that she met once was coming to town. He wanted to meet me for lunch to talk about something. (Turns out he wanted to borrow some money and understandably didn't want anyone but me to know.) Hilda called that morning and asked what I was doing for lunch. I told her I was meeting N for lunch and she wanted to come. Now I don't just drag people along to things, I ask if it is ok. N asked if we could meet her after lunch because he had something personal he wanted to talk about. Hilda took that as a personal affront, even when it was later explained to her that he didn't mind her joining but that he wanted to talk about something personal with just me first. That didn't matter. Up until the time I stopped being friends with Hilda, 4 years after that happened, she was STILL harbouring a grudge to N over it. If she heard he was coming to town she would whine about that 1 time he wanted lunch with just me. Sometimes she would make comments like "Well, I don't want to hang around with him since he didn't want to be around me that time."

This attitude is one of the reasons I stopped bothering with Hilda. Life is too short to put up with undependable fucktards.


  1. Thanks for pimping my new blog Flint! I'm glad you enjoy it...feel free to post about a fucktard on it...I was kind of inspired by you Mook of the if you want to re-post the odd old Mook over there...I would be honored!

  2. Actually...this post would be that I look mention it.

  3. I gradually came to see the truth of what Flint was saying about her, as time went by.
    I remember one time when Flint was in Canada I had made a lunch date with her one Sunday.
    She never showed up, and never called until the next day, with no apology and no explanation.
    For Flint, the straw that broke the camel's back was when she didn't call him to sort out their differences. As time went by, his desire to maintain the friendship grew less and less.
    The thing I'll always remember about her was the great big pile of stuff she left on your balcony. It didn't get picked up for months and months. It could have been done, easily, but somehow she never got around to it.
    Finally, because I had a car, I got elected to take it to her. This was after Flint'd decided their friendship was broken, and didn't want to deal with the stuff anymore.
    She almost didn't take it, and I was going to leave it on the curb outside her building when she consented to taking it into her apartment.
    After she looked at what all was there, she said, "It looks like he's throwing this stuff away just like our friendship."
    What a fucktard.

  4. I may have to send a post or two or more your way Burndog. :)

    stig, then there was the other stuff left at my apartment ... including garbage.

  5. Scarily enough I could do a blog just of Hilda BS.

  6. Was her name really Hilda, because she reminds me of my own personal ex-friend-fucktard but her name was Colette (it might still be her name unless someone finally got sick of her sanctimonious self-righteousness and killed her). The bitch could hold a grudge for DECADES. Seriously. She probably still hates me for finally getting sick of her behaviour and telling her she had a stick up her ass, and that was in 2000.

  7. No, Hilda isn't really her name. Nor is Colette. Sounds like they could be related though.