Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... damn.

consoleman Site Admin

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:32 pm
Okay guys cool it.

It doesn't matter how talented these Whiteys or Blacks/Indians are, I personally don't want them in Korea at all. They can enjoy and earn money from Korea and if they have Korean girlfriends then I'll appreciate if they take their half mixed kids with them when they go back to home country.

Whiteys aren't sole reason why there's something like 30% of young Korean women willing to find & marry foreign husbands. The Korean media is largely responsible for this brain washing. Okay, some White boy and Korean girl couples are exception since some are turned out to be fine couples, but I'll appreciate if they leave Korea and stop corrupting other Korean girls. Also, this whole cheap SEA brides for rural farmers and social losers in Korea is getting no where. They should stop issuing visas for third world brides, the only thing these 3rd world brides wants from Korea is to get PR resident status to invite more of their family members.

Korean government should stop issuing passports to these young Koreans going overseas, they're creating huge social burdens for Korea by acting indecency. Korean boys screwing Filipino, SEA, Chinese girls resulting unwanted pregnancies of mixed bag of SEA blooded babies and Korean girls are getting banged up by Whitey, Blacks, Indian and Hispanic, Arabs and again resulting unwanted pregnancies, and they brings STDs, AIDS, corrupted minds, drug addicts, gambling addicts etc..

Korean government should also limits ESL losers from lands of America, Australia, Canada, UK and NZ. Most ESLs are not from higher educated and financially secured families, they're coming into Korea to find quick cash job, travels, experience Asia and find themselves easy sex toys. And Korean government must stop these Chinese, SEA migrants too, they're not helping Korea at all.

You add corrupted Koreans, ESL, SEA brides, and other losers together then Korea will gain nothing but troubles and headaches.

What really needs to be said when someone makes such racist statements? It pretty much encapsulates all the BS Herr Consoleman has been spouting since he started posting right down to the medieval idea that Korean women shouldn't be allowed to leave Korea and travel the world.

And this ass doesn't even live in South Korea, he lives and works in Australia.


  1. you know that the 'we need whiteys' thread by the learned members of the Korean Sentry goes on for another page-and-a-half??? ... and each subsequent post doesn't even attempt to relate to the previous one.
    7 pieces of random junkmail read one after the other would almost certainly be easier to follow.
    At one point one of them says 'you have to look at the bigger picture.' But there is no bigger picture. And for that matter, why do they even bother with punctuation or paragraphs?
    I realise that bile and hatred are important but couldn't they make a gesture towards cogency?
    If Dustin Hoffman's Rainman had had five brothers and they were asked to discuss what the French guy was on about in the second Matrix film, via MSN, using only emoticons, on a dialup internet connection, that's a Korean Sentry thread.

    But maybe in my rush for comprehension I am forgetting the true message; hatred.
    So, here's the money shot;

    ^ Whiteys and foreigners without long tradition will fail to understand Koreans.

    I suspect they honestly believe theirs is the debate of Copernicus meets Mencius. But in reality they have a stream of consciousness whose greatest aspiration is to be a handjob circle.
    Korean Sentry, the gold standard of online discussion.

  2. Well said Anonymous. :)

    You would think that someone who hated non-Koreans that much would head back to the fatherland and never leave. Yet he continues to live and work in Adelaide. I wonder if any Aussie media outlets are doing stories on racism and need some primary sources? ;)

  3. I think these lads are ripe for a 'What Would Fucktard Do?" piece...I mean...if there are a bigger bunch of fucktards on this planet...they haven't developed typing skills yet!

  4. Check your submissions/email. ;)