Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What the ... rationalizing bullshit?!?!?!?

Someone by the name of Junk left some comments about Korea and Japan in the comment section of a post. His comments left me gobsmacked. He basically tried to rationalize and explain away some of the atrocities that Japan committed in Korea. What the fuck?!?!?

I am willing to give the guy some leeway because he said his English isn't good but he evidently missed the part where I said;

I almost didn't post this because my defense of Korea seemed so ... rabid. However, it is what I said and thought at the time. Although some of the information it was based on was faulty a lot of my reasoning stands. (I was still drinking kool-aid. Cherry flavour.)

Some of the things the guy said still make me shake my head. Here are some highlights.

May I ask you why you believe in Korean propaganda ?
I think you know how Korean lies every single day. I just can not understand why you believe in Korean propaganda.

Ummm ... yeah. Reading my blog you can see that I always believe everything Koreans, and apologists, say. People everywhere lie everyday to one degree or another.

Did the Japan try to destroy the Korean culture ? My answer is yes.

He should have stopped there. Instead he went on to talk about how the Japanese improved Korea. Regardless of the benefits Korea got from being taken over by Japan the fact is Korea WAS taken over and forced to become a colony of Japan and some nasty shit happened.

I know you do not believe use google.

No idea where that nugget came from. I use google every day.

You believe in Korean propaganda and you do not believe what Japanese said. This is not fare.

Ummm ... yeah. Ok, I can write some of this off to his poor English and not understanding that I said the stuff I had in the email was propaganda to an extent. The drinking of the kool-aid I referred to. However, the guy then goes on about how I should read what "whites" wrote about Korea before and during teh Japanese occupation. Hey, at least he agrees it WAS an occupation, which means one group exerted undo control over another.

I am not trying to rewrite history as you said to someone before. I want you to know the truth of Korean history.

The truth as he sees it.

There are many books about Korea under occupation written by whites.

Wow. What a racist prat. Junk seems to share some racist qualities with the KKKunts at Korean Sentry. Which actually isn't surprising. People like him are as rabidly insane as those at KS. Both try to twist reality to suit their narrative.

At last I want to tell you that Korean destroyed their culture by themselves.

And then he blames the victim. Damn. Next he will be saying all Korean women willingly became comfort women.

By the way , I start reading you blogs since yesterday and I love it.

The more he reads of my blog the more I am sure this view will change. As I said in the comment section people like this guy are part of the problem.


  1. Junk is an idiot. He has no idea about what he is talking about. His knowledge of history is as flawed as his reasoning. The less time spent paying him any attention at all, the better.

  2. the atomic bombs improved hiroshima and nagasaki.

  3. Well said Stig. I tend not to engage zealots. There is just no way to have a rational discussion with them.

  4. 3gyupsal

    A good counter-argument to Junk if you want to use his way of thinking.

  5. I've seen Junk's comment on a couple of expats' blogs on Korea.

    It's funny that you said, "And then he blames the victim. Damn. Next he will be saying all Korean women willingly became comfort women."

    Because he DID say that:
    In David S. Wills's (the writer of Korean Rum Diary) blog, he posted this link:

    It basically says that Korean comfort women were willing prostitutes that were eager to make money. According to him, comfort women made abou 1.1 million USD in two years!

    People like Junk is the reason that the relationship between Korea and Japan is still shit. Every time these comments are made by people like Junk, it ignites a fury of nationalism and anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea. Good job, Junk, for helping the continual hate between these two great countries that should, by now, be closest of friends.

  6. Junk;

    Posting the same comment to multiple threads is called spamming. Keep it up and none of your comments will get posted.

  7. Anonymous;

    Definitely. It is funny how similar the two sides really are and in the end they just keep each others hate fueled.

  8. Japan needs to take SINCERE responsibility for what they did in Korea and other Asian countries. They did apologize, and they sent money, but they've been condescending and insincere (one company sent 2 yen to slaves as compensation for forced labor). Their politicians need to stop going to shrines for war criminals, and the public needs to stop waving imperial flags and doing what Junk does.

    Korea needs to stop the hate and be willing to forgive. They need to realize that most people that are alive today had nothing to do with WW2, and they shouldn't be hated for the atrocities committed by their ancestors.

    The two sides must come together and build up a peaceful and friendly alliance to teach future generations of what happened and what should never happen again.

  9. Well said anonymous. Well said.