Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DMZ Tour - Stig

Yes, I went to the DMZ the same as Flint. I went there a couple of times; once alone and once with friends. Each time I was assured that we would be going to the JSA at Panmunjom, which turned out to be a lie. I tried to organize a third trip to get to the JSA, but was unable to convince anyone to accompany me.
I don't have a lot to add to Flint's commentary.
I did go to a different tunnel, the third.

This tunnel was discovered in 1978, after a tip from a North Korean defector. It's about 1600 meters long and about 150 meters down. There was no trolley to take us down there, just a very narrow stairway that would definitely give the willies to anyone with claustrophobia. You had to watch your head, but once you get to the bottom, you're within spitting distance of the border between the two Koreas.

One of the things I noticed were a lot of red, metal triangles on fences everywhere.
Apparently they are they to warn people the area beyond has been mined. The DMZ is one of the most heavily mined areas on earth.
There is an observation post, where you can peer across the Imjin River into North Korea. I didn't see a lot of activity. and the buildings all looked as if there was no glass in the windows. None of my pictures turned out, as their was a haze in the air that fogged the landscape.
All the way up to the DMZ, you see barbed wire and guard posts along the river. At certain points there are road blocks at the side, ready to impede any Nork forces that might try to take Seoul.
Coming from Canada, it is a very different kind of atmosphere to see border guards armed with automatic weapons.

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  1. Nice pics and info. I didn't have a digital camera for the 1st trip ... just a beat up 35mm. :)