Thursday, March 1, 2012

What the ... rejection ?!?!?

Damn I have really stopped writing and posting. There are things I started writing months ago and never finished or posted. What can I say, life keeps me busy. The following is something I wrote and never got around to posting.


Uh oh ... I guess the news hasn't hit Korea yet. I wonder how the netizens will over-react if it does? The LAPD has REJECTED using Jindos as police dogs.

A google search I ended after 10 pages only turned up a link to Korea Sentry that talked about the "issue". Nothing from Korean papers or sites. At least not in English.

I couldn't help but laugh and think of my time in South Korea when I read the following.

They pretty much mastered the task, but once they got out of the training environment, they got distracted in the real world.... A leaf would blow, and they'd go chase it.

It reminded me of ... Koreans. I can't remember how many times Stig and I would comment on how easily distracted Koreans are. A kid wears a short sleeve shirt in the spring? Class is disrupted until they calm down. Someone draws a pile of dung on the board? Total distraction. Korean is walking down the street and sees a foreigner ... distraction.


  1. Koreans are distracted by bright, shiny objects, too. They're like dogs who see a...

  2. And Grizzly is distracted by squirrels.